The Voice Australia Winners: Where Are They Now? Winners From All Seasons

The Voice Australia Winners: Where Are They Now? Winners From All Seasons

The Voice Australia, a reality TV singing competition, has brought forth talented singers in the industry. Most of the contestants are gifted with powerful voices.

Once the show is over, the winner is crowned, and everyone goes their way. Several The Voice Australia winners have become successful years after leaving this great platform.

The Voice Australia Winners: Where Are They Now? Winners From All Seasons

The Voice Australia provides a platform for anyone who feels that they can sing. That is what the competition is all about.

The elephant in the room is, many winners of The Voice Australia have not made it big. That is why we are going to look into the whereabouts of the winners from all the seasons.

2012, Karise Eden – Season One

Karise Eden made an awesome performance which led to her winning in the show’s first season. Right after, Eden joined Universal Music Australia leading to the release of her single named You Won’t Let Me.

In the same year, 2012, four of Eden’s songs were trending as the top five songs in the ARIA Singles Chart. As if that was not enough, she released an album, My Journey, which was number in the ARIA Albums Chart.

Later on, in 2018, Eden had her third album, Born To Fight. 

2013, Harrison Craig – Season Two

Harrison came on top in the 2nd season of The Voice Australia show. After winning, it was no slowing down for the Melbourne winner.

He has three albums to his name, and they have all been at the top in the ARIA charts. Harrison has also been on tour around Australia after his major success.

 Apart from music, Harrison was appointed the ambassador for the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. He has also published a children’s book named Harrison’s Song.

2014, Anja Nissen – Season Three

The team won in 2014 season three after Anja Nissen took the crown. Right after her triumph, Anja collaborated with producer Cody Wise and for the song; I’m So Excited.

Ninja’s passion for music fueled up, making her release another single in 2015. This Danish-Australian singer stepped out to represent Denmark in Eurovision via her song, Where Am I.

Currently living in Copenhagen, Ninja definitely has more music coming our way. This Danish-Australian singer promises not to disappoint her fans no matter the struggles.

2015, Ellie Drennan – Season Four

The Voice Australia winner in 2015 was Ellie Drennan. She was just 15 then, and her single made it No. 25 on the charts following her victory.

Subsequently, in 2016, Ellie’s second single, titled Hard Love, came in No. 41. This was in addition to her other single, Living Inside a Dream.

This singer-songwriter from Central Coast, New South Wales, took her time to develop her voice as an artist. She is back to the music scene, and we cannot wait to see what she unveils for us.

2016, Alfie Arcuri – Season Five

It was Team Delta’s very own Alfie Arcuri that won the 5th season of the show. Alfie released his debut album Zenith that made it to number five on the ARIA charts.

Zenith also went on to release more singles such as If They Only Knew and Love is Love. In 2019, Zenith released an additional single titled Same.

This singer is well known for being vocal about LGBTIQ+ rights. He has been the only openly gay winner to be in the show.

2017, Judah Kelly – Season Six

Team Delta seemed like the one producing the best winners of The Voice Australia. Judah Kelly from the team emerged as the winner of the 6th season.

Judah is blessed with an extraordinary soulful country voice that literally blows everyone away. He released his first album, Count On Me, right after he emerged victoriously.

In 2018, Country-inspired singer Judah Kelly released his second album titled Real Good Time. Judah has also been modeling for clothing brand company Johnny Bigg.

2018, Sam Perry – Season Seven

Sam Perry, a vocal pool artist, was under the mentorship of Kelly Rowland. You can say Sam was in the right hands, for he ended up winning the 7th season of the show.

The singer’s winning single Trust Myself was No. 78 on the ARIA charts. During the last quarter of 2018, Sam started a national tour of Australia, dubbed “Not A DJ.”

Even though Sam was a controversial contestant in the show, he showed the world that he could emerge as the winner. During his Australian tour, Sam had the privileged of opening for Jaden Smith.

2019, Diana Rouvas – Season Eight

Diana Rouvas was the champion of the eighth season of The UK Australia. She didn’t sit back after her win; rather, Diana went on to release her winner’s single Wait For No One.

In the first month of 2020, Diana released another single named, Can We Make Heaven. It is evident that this Greek Australian singer is not slowing down anytime soon.

You can find Diana’s music on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple music. She has a fantastic collection that will definitely make your day.

2020, Chris Sebastian – Season nine

Chris Sebastian was working hand in hand with Team Kelly, no wonder he emerged at the top in 2020.  He triumphed over Stellar Perry, Siala Robson, and Johnny Manuel.

The season nine winner went home a rich man after receiving a $100,000 cash prize. On top of that, he signed with EMI Music.

However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Voice finale was not filmed live like in previous years. Instead, it was pre-recorded and also filmed for the first time without a studio audience.

For a person who struggled with his open identity, Chris did exceptionally well in the show.


Most of the participants in The Voice Australia show won the hearts of millions of viewers. This is not just because of their beautiful voices but also their portrayal of humility and elegance.

None of the previous winners have relinquished music. They are still pursuing music regardless of their other professions.

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