The Voice UK Winners: Where Are They Now? Are They Still Singing?

The Voice UK Winners: Where Are They Now? Are They Still Singing?

The Voice UK entails stiff competition. It is not a walk in the park and can make someone give up on the way.

The auditions of this TV show are always competitive. Only the best of the best make it.

There have been many winners who have sung their way to fame. Other contestants have followed different paths and pursued other careers. 

The Voice UK Winners: Where Are They Now? Are They Still Singing?

The Voice UK premiered in 2012 and has been in full swing since then. It has been home to many winners who have since launched a singing career.

Most of the Voice UK winners are extremely successful. To know more about where the Voice UK winners are now, keep reading.

1. Leanne Mitchell – winner in 2012 

When the Voice UK launched, Leanne Mitchell was its first winner. Leanne was mentored by Tom Jones, and she did an exemplary job of wowing the crowd during the competition.

Even though she was the first-ever winner, Leanne disappeared from the spotlight. Her self-titled debut record didn’t make it into the Top 100; as such, her record label let her go.

However, Leanne still performs at parties in addition to her work as a holiday camp singer. Her passion for singing still burns to date.

2. Andrea Begley – winner in 2013 

Danny O’Donoghue was highly delighted when Andrea Begley won in the second season. Danny mentored Andrea when she joined the Voice UK.

Andrea did quite well after her win with her album The Message, attaining Chart success. The album was number seven on the charts. 

She has released several singles and a second studio album by the name Soul of a Songbird. Andrea is also a motivational speaker and an activist.

Apart from singing, Andrea is also an author, for she has published a book titled I Didn’t See That Coming. It explains in detail her experience in the Voice UK TV show.

3. Jermain Jackman – winner in 2014 

Jermain Jackman was the program’s star in 2014, beating Christina Marie and Sally Barker. His voice was quite unique and wowed the crowd.

He went ahead to release his first single, And I Am Telling You, which only made to number 75 in the charts. Jermain has since stopped making music to give time for his studies in politics.

His dream is to be a Prime Minister someday. Jermain recently vied for the Youth Representative with the Labour Party NEC. At the moment, he is the Constituency Labour Party Representative. 

4. Stevie McCrorie – winner in 2015 

After Scottish-based singer Stevie McCrorie won in 2015, he was immediately taken in by record label Decca. His cover of Adam Levine’s Lost Stars was a number 6 hit.

Ricky Wilson mentored Stevie, and his music career seemed promising. Surprisingly, Stevie resumed his old job as a fireman a year after winning the competition.

Because of his passion for music, Stevie has since released an album called Big World. It managed to feature in Digital Downloads Chart as number 35.

5. Kevin Simm – winner in 2016 

Kevin Simm had been part of Liberty X, meaning she was already in the limelight. You could say Kevin was a natural, for he unusually won the show.

All You Good Friends was his winner’s single which eventually ended up in the charts at number 24. Unfortunately, Kevin’s solo album was a failure because it didn’t get to the Top 40 in the UK Album Chart.

In 2018, Kevin joined the Wet Wet Wet band as the frontman replacing Marti Pellow. Apart from music, Kevin has since had a hair transplant due to his hair loss; this is after years of going through hair loss stigmatization.

6. Mo Adeniran – winner 2017 

Mo Adeniran triumphed in the Voice UK 2017 edition. Thanks to US singer Jennifer Hudson who has been guiding Mo on all matter’s music.

After his win, Mo was signed by Polydor Records. However, he was dropped when his debut album Evolve got to number 36 in UK charts. 

He had another single, Unsteady, which also flopped because it didn’t do well in the UK charts. Surprisingly, the single received some love in Japan.

7. Ruti Olajugbagbe – winner in 2018 

Every contestant who joins the Voice UK stands a chance to win. When Ruti Olajugbagbe won the 2018 show, it was quite a shocker because many thought she would not emerge as the winner.

When joining the show, Ruti had a part-time career owing that she was a student. Ruti signed with Polydor records after her triumph, thanks to the excellent job her mentor Tom Jones did.

Ruti’s first single, Dreams, successfully attained the number 1 position on the UK iTunes Store.  In the UK Singles Chart, the single was charted number 14; not bad for a first-timer.

Despite changing her looks, Ruti has not let go of her passion for music. She has since released another single titled My Sunshine.

8. Molly Hocking – winner in 2019 

Molly Hocking was only 18 when she took the crown of The Voice UK in 2019. It was such a stiff competition that even Molly could not believe she was the one on top.

Unfortunately, Molly’s first single didn’t do well. In the UK charts, it was number 73, almost a complete failure.

That did not put Molly down because she still streams some of her music from home. She is still planning to release more music in the near future.

9. Blessing Chitapa – winner in 2020 

The Voice UK 2020 series saw the crowning of Blessing Chitapa. She emerged the winner after beating Jonny Brooks in the finals.

After her victory, Blessing signed with Universal’s label UMOD. She has since released an album titled Count My Blessings.

The Zimbabwe-born singer had to put most of her plans on hold owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Blessing has made an appearance on The Voice UK stage as a guest performer.


There you have it! As you may have noticed, none of the winners have made it big in the music industry.

Most of them are still trying to make a name for themselves in the industry. What stands out is their passion for music.

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