Who Is Emily O And Bows? Everything To Know About The Lifestyle Blogger And Influencer

Who Is Emily O And Bows? Everything To Know About The Lifestyle Blogger And Influencer

Emily O And Bows is a lifestyle blogger and influencer who is always connected with her parents. Keep reading down the article to explore more about her family and her personal life.

Emily Coyne, also known as Emily O and Bows, is a fashion and lifestyle micro-influencer on Youtube and Instagram.

Also, she runs her online store where she offers goods related to home décor, entertainment, and clothing.

Further, Emily enjoys uploading photographs of her clothes daily and trendy finds on her Instagram feed.


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TikTok: Who Are Emily O And Bows Parents?

The TikTok user Emily O And Bows frequently mention her parents on her social media platforms. 

On June 30, 2021, Emily uploaded a video of her father’s 50th birthday celebration on her official Youtube Channel. 

Similarly, her parents started dating when they were 15 years old, according to her Q&A video that she released on mother’s day.

Also, Emily posted a picture with her mother on that day on her social media. In the post’s comment section, we discovered that her mother’s name was Ann. 

Further, she has two sisters whom she calls her best friend and often posts pictures on Instagram. 

In addition, her family is usually up for a cheeseboard night, a walk around the lake, or a morning latte run. 

Emily O And Bows Husband And Net Worth

Emily O and Bows does not have a husband at the moment as she is currently quite young to be married already. 

However, we are not sure whether she is in a love relationship or not. It appears that she is single since Emily has not shared any hints regarding her love life on her social media. 

As a result, the influencer is currently free of any distractions and focused on her professional ambitions rather than relationships.

Meanwhile, Emily has not discussed her earning and net worth yet in public and media. 

Even Though Statsmash has estimated the total net worth of her Youtube channel to be $8000 as of October 2021. She is undoubtedly earning a good amount of money as an influencer and blogger. 

Besides that, Emily is the founder of emilyOandbows merchandise, which contributes to the growth of her bank account.

How Old Is Emily O And Bows? Her Age Explored

The influencer Emily Coyne is presently 21 years old, as per her official website.  

She was born on December 3, 1999, in Cleveland, Ohio. Emily was interested in fashion, travel, coffee, and desire for brunching when she was a kid.

Bows is a senior at Miami University, majoring in Emerging Technology in Business and Design, a combination of business, technology, and design, with a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Meet Emily O And Bows On Instgram

Emily O And Bows is a keen user of Instagram under the handle @emilyoandbows.

The influencer has gained 16.1K followers and shares a massive total of 578 posts on her handle. 

She usually collaborates with different cloth brands and promotes the brand through her Instagram profile. 

Aside from Instagram, you can follow Emily on her Tiktok account by the same user name as Instagram.