Who Was Tim Swann Cygnett? Motorbike Accident

Tim Swann, the Chairman of Accessories Firm Cygnett and a big stakeholder, was in charge of the company.

Tim and Sophie Swann, a brother and sister duo, founded Cygnett in 2003. Cygnett goods may now be found in over 200,000 stores across 42 countries.

Apart from that, Tim was also known as the son of David Swann, the founder of Swann Communications in Melbourne. He was the Managing Director of Swann Communications USA for ten years, from January 1995 to 2005.

According to the company's sources, he was riding a bike when he attempted to jump a hill and fell off. Swann died in a trail bike accident on November 25, 2021, and was confirmed dead.

Who Is Tim Swann Wife? 

Tim Swann was a married man and his wife is Kimberley Swann. Together, the couple is blessed with two sons. 

Apart from that, Swann's parents are father David Swann and mother Jenny Swann, who are devastated by their son's untimely death. He has also two sisters named Sophie Swann and Amie Newling-Ward.

Tim Swann Wikipedia Explored 

According to Tim Swann's LinkedIn page, he is an experienced business owner with a track record in the telecommunications industry.

He possessed skills such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), negotiating, budgeting, company planning, and advertising. He is characterized as a powerful entrepreneur with a bachelor's degree from Bond University in Marketing, Management, and Accounting.

Sadly, his passion for trail biking was the cause of his death in a car accident. He was also an avid skier, and we spent a lot of time talking about his love of the sport and his enthusiasm for Heli skiing.

Furthermore, Swann had a clear idea of what he needed to do and where he wanted to go. He was expanding up foreign markets at the time, and he had put a lot of money into promoting Cygnett in Las Vegas, which included sponsoring a bus throughout the city.