Florida Publix Shooter Timothy J Wall Family Background – Here’s What We Know

Florida Publix Shooter Timothy J Wall Family Background – Here’s What We Know

Timothy J Wall is identified as the Florida Publix Shooter. Who is he? Know his full details here.

Timothy was an American citizen who shot three individuals in Publix in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, including himself.

As he shot himself, too, the motive behind the shooting is unidentified.

Publix has stated in favor of the victim’s family. Similarly, the Palm Beach County Commissioner has requested that the victim’s family be remembered in prayers.

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Timothy J Wall: Who Is He?

Timothy J Wall is the identified shooter in a recent Florida shooting case.

He has been recognized for shooting three people in Royal Palm Beach, Florida

The man shot himself too, after killing the victims.

Also, the shooter’s face is yet to be exposed.

Florida Publix Shooter Case Update

Florida Publix Shooting case happened on Thursday, 10th June 2021.  

The shooter is Timothy J Wall, who shot three people, including himself.

The victims were an older woman and her toddler grandson, reported New York Post.

The woman was shopping with her grandson at a supermarket when they were shot dead.

Sadly, the toddler would have turned two years next month.

Furthermore, the victim’s identity has been kept private upon their family’s request.

As per the Palm Beach police, the motive or relationship behind the shooting is unknown.

The citizen of Palm Beach is still terrified by the incident.

As of now, the shooting has been identified as a murder-suicide.

Timothy J Wall Wiki: Family Explained

Timothy J Wall’s Wikipedia details are unavailable.

His age, however, is listed as 55 years old.

Similarly, no information about him has been released yet.

Also, Timothy’s family is possibly in Palm Beach, but no information about them is accessible.

We don’t know if he has a wife or children.

We’re hoping that as the investigation progresses, additional information about the shooters will emerge.

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