Tita Ureta Edad Wikipedia: Meet The Journalist On Instagram

Tita Ureta Edad Wikipedia: Meet The Journalist On Instagram

Do you know Tita Ureta Edad? Let’s find out about it in this article.

Ureta is a Chilean journalist and conductor of Television. More often, she is also a passionate sportsman as a surfer. Tita is active in the media field from the year 2013.

She has already remained a conductor of various TV programs including Ec Sport, Travel with me, Goal hug, and so on.

Apart from her journalism journey, she has a great relationship with sports. Her primary relationship with sports began at Colegio San Benito de Vitacura.

Tita Ureta Edad Explored

Tita Ureta is currently 29 years of age(Edad).

As a matter of fact, Tita Ureta was born in the year 1992. And, she lights up her birthday candles on the 22nd of June. 

Tita Ureta was born as Isidora Paulina Ureta Fischer in Santiago de Chile, Chile which makes her Chilean by nationality.

Tita Ureta Wikipedia: Is She Available?

Tita Ureta bio is available on Instagram.

Despite being embraced on the official page of Wikipedia, much information is yet to get filled out.

Nonetheless, we can grasp some information about her biography and Television programs from her Wiki page.

Details On Ureta Boyfriend

Ureta boyfriend is Spio Razis.

We can find Ureta’s boyfriend on her Instagram posts. They are pictured together in many Instagram posts. The couple shares immense bonding and affection with each other.

Like Ureta, her boyfriend Spio is also a surfer. He also loves skateboarding as seen on his Instagram.

Meet The Journalist On Instagram

We can actively meet the journalist Tita Ureta on Instagram.

The Instagram handle of Tita Ureta is under the username @titaureta. Moreover, she has a blue tick on her Instagram account.

On her Instagram, she has already hoarded more than 424k followers. Also, she has 3327 posts and 2306 followings so far now.

You can see Tita’s surfing pictures and radiant photoshoots on her Instagram account.

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