Toa Fraser Wife: Is He Married To Miriama McDowell?

Toa Fraser is not married; hence, his wife is not Miriama McDowell. Miriama is an actor, playwright, and film director.

These two share the same profession in the film background that started romance among them.

However, the duo is confirmed not to have married each other though they share a family together. Likewise, Fraser and McDowell's relationship is not mostly talked about the matter in the media.

The couple complies together when it comes to their family and are open about their respect for each other.

It seems the couple is considerate about keeping their relationship only at professional grounds while talking about it in public.

Toa Fraser Children & Family: Meet His Daughter Millie

Toa Fraser is a proud father of three children and his family. All of his children are daughters of two different mothers.

His eldest daughter is Millie, whose full name is Amiria Arapere-Fraser. Amiria's mother's identity is not accessible at the moment.

Meanwhile, his two young daughters; Talanoa, and Hero, were born to the multi-talented Miriama McDowell.

Miriama is a proud solo mum of her two daughters, per her interview with Woman Magazine

It is reported that both Talanoa and Hero often accompany Miriama in her shooting works. The McDowell daughters have become quite experienced from travelling one place to another and adapt to the surrounding.

Follow Toa Fraser On Instagram

Toa Fraser can be followed on Instagram under the username @toafraser, followed by more than 3.2k followers.

His Instagram feed is quite interesting to look at with his talent in nature photography. He has dedicated chiefly his posts to his young daughters, which shows that he is quite a dotted father.