10 Facts About Tony Bobulinski

  1. Tony Bobulinski's Wikipedia page does not exist but you can read all about him in this article. 
  2. Bobulinski's statement also claims that the Hong Kong government official Chi Ping Patrick Ho made the Bidens an offer to invest in the company. Chi was jailed and served 3 years in jail for bribery and has since been deported to Hong Kong. 
  3. Tony has also said that the e-mails found in Hunter Biden's laptop were authentic. In the emails, an official of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma has thanked Hutner for introducing him to his father. 
  4. The alleged whistleblower had served in the Navy for 4 years and has an estimated net worth in the range of $1 million to $5 million. He is also a businessman who has worked in the private energy sector. 
  5. In addition to this, he comes from a military family. As a matter of fact, his grandfather served as an Amry intelligence officer. 
  6. Tony is not the only business partner of Hunter Biden to turn against him and his dad as Bevan Cooney, who is currently in jail released a statement from jail and was responsible for releasing emails of the Biden's alleged business deal. 
  7. Neither the former Vice-President nor his family has commented on the matter, before this he has denied having any business dealing with China or any stake in his son's business. 
  8. Bobulinski's revelation came after President Barack Obama revealed that incumbent POTUS Donald Trump had a secret Chinese bank account in a rally.
  9. Similarly, the FBI has also issued a warning for people to stay vigilant and not believe in false news to sway the elections. 
  10. In fact, the FBI said that there might be foreign interference in the upcoming election.