Torsten Bell Family Explored

Torsten has yet to reveal his family data publicly on his social media.

Going through his Twitter handle, we did not find any detail regarding his parents and family members.

He seems to be quite a secretive person as most of his personal data is missing from the web browsers.

Torsten also has not given any statement about his marriage life or partner as of now.

So, we are not sure if he is a married person or has a girlfriend in 2021.

Torsten Bell Age: How Old Is He?

Bell's actual age seems to be between 30 to 40 years old, looking at his appearance.

However, the exact date of birth and zodiac sign is yet to be surfaced, as he has not shared any details as of now.

The director has not revealed his nationality officially, but, being a director of the Resolution Foundation which is based in the United Kingdom, so, his nationality might be English.

Considering his pictures, we could assume that his height is more than 5 feet tall. Meanwhile, his weight is under review.

What Is Torsten Bell Net Worth And Salary?

Torsten has yet to disclose his total net worth to the public, as we did not find any data on his total assets.

However, being the director of Resolution Foundation, he must earn some decent amount of money as a salary and his net worth must be in a couple of thousands of dollars in 2021.

It can also be in million, but we could not confirm until the official statement came from himself.

Meet Resolution Foundation Director Torsten Bell On Twitter

Resolution Foundation director, Torsten Bell is active on Twitter, where he has 39k followers with 13k tweets in it.

He has followed 996 active users and runs the account under the username of @TorstenBell. The director had joined the platform in the January of 2014.

Furthermore, he is not active on other social media, as we did not find any official account under his name.

Torsten Bell Wikipedia Bio

Despite being the chief executive of the Resolution Foundation, Torsten Bell's bio has not been covered on Wikipedia and other media pages.

So, it's quite difficult to extract any reliable info about him on the web.

Previously, leading the Resolution Foundation, he was Director of Policy for the Labor Party.

Furthermore,  he has served in HM Treasury, as one of the members of the Council of Economic Advisers during the financial crisis and also as a civil servant.