Who is Tottie Goldsmith Partner In 2022?

Since Tottie Goldsmith leads a low-key life, details regarding her partner have not surfaced on the internet.

The actress has not dedicated social media posts for her significant other, so, she might be single. However, we will have to wait for Goldsmith to open up about her love life, and reveal who she is dating currently.

We will also keep you updated.

Tottie Goldsmith Husband Revealed

Tottie Goldsmith’s ex-husband is Steven Lee.

In 2008, Tottie and James Mayo got engaged. However, the couple ended their relationship the same year.

According to Perth Now, Tottie stated, "We love each other, but we wanted different things. We are still really close. This is not an ugly thing."

Tottie Goldsmith Daughter In The Family

Tottie Goldsmith and her ex-husband Steven Lee have a daughter together. Her name is Layla Lee-Curtis.

Talking about Layla, she has formerly worked in Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story and Circus as a script supervisor. You can also find her on the official page of IMDb.

Tottie Goldsmith Scandal And Drug Cocaine Controversy: What Happened?

Tottie Goldsmith received a lot of backlash from the fans after drugs were found in her bag in 2011. She was attending a Portsea music festival when cocaine was discovered in her makeup bag. No charges were made by the authorities, but it did change her life. 

According to Tottie, the drugs didn’t belong to her.

Further, Tottie is currently participating in I’m A Celeb, and she called out Derryn Hinch for his cruel comments. She opened up about the incident in one of the episodes and shared how it affected her career.