Tough as Nails Cast, Premiere Date, Host, and Contestants

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Tough as Nails Cast, Premiere Date, Host, and Contestants

The American commercial TV network is going to release its new TV series by the name Tough as Nails. Well, the upcoming TV is right around the corner. The upcoming American reality game show will revolve around some Americans who work in construction and other labor industries.

With a desire to showcase the resolve of American labor workers, will the Phil Keoghan show hit the bull’s eye? It is only a matter of time how the TV show is growing to work out, but the fans of reality game show already seem excited about the show. Aren’t you?

Well, if you are eager to catch the upcoming CBS show, here’re we breaking some good and bad aspects of the upcoming show. Let’s get started.

CBS Tough as Nails Cast:

TV shows are often popular for showcasing real-life stories. And with every new show airing now and then, we can expect some new faces every time. So, you might be wondering if there are any few faces from the CBS Tough as Nails cast.

Unlike the TV show creator and host, Phil Keoghan, other cast members are new to the TV industry. You might recognize as a TV personality from New Zealand famous for TV shows like The Amazing Race (since 2001) and No Opportunity Wasted (since 2004).

As discussed earlier, the TV show is a reality game show about American factory workers. So, we have real-life workers from labor-oriented industries. The senior-most member of Tour as Nails cast is Kelly Murphy, aged 47. Kelly is from Paragon, Indiana, and is a Marine Corps veteran. Aged 27, Melissa Burns is the youngest cast of the show. She is from Milford Center, Ohio, and is a farmer.

Other cast members of Tough as Nails are,

  • Callie Cattell (fisherman)
  • Danny Moody (Drywaller)
  • Lee Marshall (Roofer)
  • Linda Goodridge (Deputy Sheriff)
  • Linnett Key (Welder)
  • Luis Yuli (Scaffolder)
  • Michelle S. Kiddy (Gate Agent)
  • Myles V. Polk (Forestry Tech)
  • Tara Davis (Ironwalker)
  • Young An (Firefighter)

Tough as Nails Premier Date: When will the show air on CBS?

CBS order Tough as Nails production to prepare for a 10 episodes season on October 2, 2019.

The news about the 10-episode CBS show on April 29, 2020. As revealed by the production company, Tough as Nails will premier on CBS network on July 8, 2020.

The Tough as Nails premier show will be of 2 hours run time. The official trailer of Tough as Nails, Season 1 was uploaded on YouTube on June 17. Enjoy the trailer here,

Who is the Tough as Nails Host?

The upcoming CBS TV show, Tough as Nails will air on the network on July 8.

The show will have the famous TV personality, Phil Keoghan as its host.

Besides being the host for Tough as Nails, Phil is also an executive producer of the TV show. He will produce the show alongside his gorgeous wife, Louise Keoghan.

Aged 53, Phil has a rich history in hosting game shows. His exemplary hosting skills can be seen on the American TV show titled The Amazing Race which was also produced by CBS.

Who are the Tough as Nails Contestants

As Tough as Nails is a reality TV game show, it will have contestants participating in the title race. For season 1 of Tough as Nails, we have 12 contestants across the United States. The contestants of Tough as Nails, Season 1 are,

  • Callie Cattell
  • Lee Marshal
  • Danny Moody
  • Young An
  • Myles V. Polk
  • Tara Davis
  • Michelle S. Kiddy
  • Luis Yui
  • Linnett Key
  • Melissa Burns
  • Kelly Murphy
  • Linda Goodridge