Lydia Ellery Instagram: Why Was She Banned From The Platform?

Lydia Ellery is available on Instagram under the handle @squidgame and she was banned from it for a short period before it was released recently.

She got a temporary ban on this social media platform after the internet fans of the popular Netflix series Squid Game reported on her account.

The main reason behind the ban might be the name of the show and her account username and the fans of the show might have not liked the similarity.

Besides, she has been using the username squidgame even before the release of this hit series on all of her social media accounts.

Lydia Ellery Boyfriend: Is She Transgender?

Lydia Ellery is currently engaged with boyfriend Mike Flaming and there have been no reports regarding her being a transgender.

Although she is actively available on most of the social media platforms, she rarely posts about her romantic life on it.

Mike is also working for the Yogcast and both of them share the same working space which might be the reason behind their closeness.

They seem to be happily in love with each other from their pictures available on the web and might tie the knot together soon.

Lydia Allery Age And Wiki Details

Lydia Ellery is currently 32 years old in age but we cannot find anything about her on Wikipedia as of now.

She was born on the 9th of March, 1989, and although she is based in Bristol, England, she possesses British as well as Kiwi nationality too.

During her childhood, she had a dream of becoming a veterinary doctor, but due to some reason, she became a content creator.

Currently, it has been more than 3 years as she has been working with the video game publisher and it has provided success for her.

Who Is Lydia Ellery From Yogscast Twitch Channel?

Lydia Ellery is a freelance content creator under the association with Yogcast who usually streams gaming videos on its Twitch channel.

She also has experience working in the Yogscast studios as part of the YouTube channel Xbox On before joining the streaming team.

Her gaming skills have been very much helpful for her to gain fans and she has been streaming the videos to a large number of audiences.

Similarly, she has been operating under the nickname and further using it as a SquidGame since 2012 but some people call her Big Lyds too.

Apart from that, she has her own Youtube as well as Twitch channel from where she regularly streams several interesting gaming videos too.