Who is Tymwits1 Tiktok? Age Height And Instagram

Who is Tymwits1 Tiktok? Age Height And Instagram

Tymwits1 on Tiktok is already a household name despite a tender age. Is she on Instagram? Here is everything you need to know about the social media sensation.

How old is Tymwits1?

According to her Instagram, Tymwits1 age is 25 years old.

Her date of birth is not disclosed.

TikTok Tymwits1 Real Name

Tymwits1 real name is Jackie.

Her family name is not revealed on any of her social media platforms.

What is her Height?

Tymwits1 height is 5 feet and10 inches.

Her weight is 183 pounds and in conversion to kg, she is 83kg.

Jackie has also posted on her Tiktok clarifying her weight and showing proof to all her followers.


Proof 😂😂

♬ original sound – Jackie

Jackie also mentioned on her Tiktok speaking about her videos being put under review and hasn’t posted a video for a while. She feels annoyed by the disturbance caused by Tiktok.

Meet Tymwits1 On Instagram

Her IG bio talks about her name, age, and her Twitch which is called TYMWITS EXPERIENCE ME.

Tymwits1 has 67.2k followers on her Instagram.

Her bio also talks about her being Maplestory Addict which is a computer game where players are able to play and talk, and chat with other gamers.

The game is also played online with multiplayer and has a side-scrolling massive multiplayer.

What does Tymwits1 do?

Jackie posts Tiktok videos, where she is constantly seen revealing her curvy body. Her body has a small waist, and large busts which are said to be quite popular in the 20th century. One of the reasons for her popularity is her revealing body, and strange videos.

Tymsiwits1 is an online video streamer, where she invites people for a live streaming video game and Livestream.

She also recently made an official streaming discord server, which is a new trend of chatting with friends, and making new ones.

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