Is Varunie Vongsvirates Thai? Name Origin – Ethnicity & Nationality

Is Varunie Vongsvirates Thai? Name Origin – Ethnicity & Nationality

Varunie Vongsvirate is of mixed origin, as her father belongs to Thai origin. Keep reading the article to explore her Ethnicity and more about her personal life.

Varunie Vongsvirates rose to fame after she broke up with the American actor Owen Wilson.

Vongsvirates gained attention when she gave birth to his child; eventually, the couple separated. 

Besides, she is a businesswoman who works with American Addiction Centers as a business development representative.

Is Varunie Vongsvirates Thai? Her Name And Origin Explored

Varunie Vongsvirates’ full birth name is Varunie Aranya Vongsvirates, derived from her Thai origin father.

She was born in California, Los Angeles, the United States, despite her father’s Thai background.

Hence, it is reasonable to assume that, Varunie is of mixed heritage since she is an American by birth, while her father is from Thai. 

Varunie Vongsvirates Ethnicity And Nationality

Varunie Vongsvirates holds a White Ethnicty and an American Nationality. 

She currently lives in Los Angeles, the U.S. Further, Vongsvirates is presently 37 years old as she was born in 1984. 

Moreover, her ex Owen is also of White Ethnicity and is a citizen of American. 

Who Is Owen Wilson Ex-Wife Varunie Vongsvirates?

Many people are identifying Varunie Vongsvirates as Owen Wilson’s ex-wife, and many believe the two were married.

Let us clear on that, Owen and Varunie never married. However, the couple was in a love relationship for almost five years.

Vongsvirates has worked with American Addiction Centers as a business development representative. 

According to her LinkedIn profile, she works in Los Angeles and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, San Diego.

Likewise, her ex Owen is an actor, comedian, producer, and screenwriter who has appeared in several films. 

In addition, Wilson also won several accolades and awards and a nomination for his performances from his acting career. 

Varunie Vongsvirates Children And Family

Coming to her children, Varunie Vongsvirates shares a daughter with her ex-boyfriend Owen Wilson. 

Lyla Aranya Wilson’s daughter was given the name Aranya in honor of her father’s heritage. 

Varunie said she pleaded with Wilson to become more engaged in the lives of their daughter Lyla. 

She previously told the Daily Mail that her ex-boyfriend is uninterested in their child and has never met his child. 

Nonetheless, Wilson pays about $25,000 per month in child support for his daughter, according to sources. 

According to court records, he paid Varunie $70,000 in one-time payments to cover the costs of a night nurse, labor coach, and Vongsvirates’ legal fees.

Where Are Varunie Vongsvirates Parents From?

Varunie Vongsvirates was born to her parents in the United States. However, her father was originally from Thailand, whereas her mother’s heritage is anonymous. 

As of now, Varunie has not shared any detailed information regarding her parents and family on media. 

She has always kept lipped up when it comes to her family and has kept her parents behind the curtains.