Who Is Queen Canab OO Qaawan Fadeexo On TikTok?

Queen Canab OO Qaawan Fadeexo is a popular TikTok star who has nearly 400k followers on her TikTok handle, @queen- canab, to date.

Her overall TikTok videos have 4.5M likes as she is seen creating unique and different content every time. She belongs to a Muslim community and always covers her face from head and chin area while making the video.

Her TikTok videos are also shared on different social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Currently, due to her leaked video, she has been trending on the internet.

Qaawan Fadeexo TikTok Scandal Video Explained

Qaawan Fadeexo TikTok scandal video has already been removed from the internet and social media handles.

The video is not available on TikTok, but from a YouTube video, we came to know that her video has gone viral and was removed quickly.

She seems to be from Somalia or from Eastern Africa. Her video was discussed by social media users but it is clearly unknown what was on the video.

The shared content on YouTube, people have commented that she is a crazy woman and Allah will do good for everybody.

Might be she has done something bad or has suffered from something worse.

Queen Canab Age: Her Facebook Twitter And Reddit Details

Queen Canab's current age as of 2021 is yet to be known.

However, through her TikTok videos, it seems she might be around 25-30 years old.

Her birthday and other birth-related details are missing from the internet. She has tagged #somaliatiktok on her videos so, she might be from Somalia.

Recently, her leaked video surfaced on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit also. But, she is not available on these social media handles. We are unable to find her on other social media handles except for TikTok.

Queen Canab Real Name And Wikipedia Explore

Queen Canab's real name is also not known, her personal details are kept confidential along with her real name.

She is publicly known as Queen Canab and doesn't have a Wikipedia bio page of her own.

Canan rose to fame through her TikTok videos and recently from her leaked videos. Other than that, there is no information found about her.