Vigors Age Real Name

The age of the Twitcher, Vigors has not been disclosed yet.

He has never talked about his birthdate and birthplace in the media. The twitcher has not revealed his full-face yet, so it is hard to assume his face based on appearance. 

Well, just looking at his face glimpse, he might be in his 20s right now. Likewise, he has also not opened up about his real name yet, so there are few details about him. 

Who Is Vigors Twitch? Is It Banned?

Vigor is an odd figure that generally stands in the metaphorical gateway of breaking immersion, one foot in and one foot out.

As a result, this wiki article is a weird combination of RP and non-RP to construct a cohesive story.

It's debatable if he's serious or simply having fun, but if you meet him, it's best not to take him seriously.

Yes, he has been banned on Twitch due to some reasons. At the time, we didn't know why specific steps were taken.

His persona can be cruel and disrespectful, but he does it with sarcasm and a sparkle in his eyes every time he does so. Nuts were the first person I met in early 2018. Vince may be seen in the background.

He used to hang out with Vince, Pokelawls, and Team Five in the early days of VRChat and attend The Great Pug RP Collective when Chipz and Nuts were regulars at Roflgators pub in The Great Pug.

How Much Is Vigors Net Worth?

The net worth of the twitcher has not been uncovered yet.

Being a famous gamer, his net worth might be in the millions through the field of gaming. The exact amount of his wealth and fortune has not been discovered yet on the web.

He is a part of the famous GTA V roleplaying server NoPixel, where he may be seen in character as Kayn Larp, better known as Yeager Demonblood. Vigor is still not broadcasting himself; however, he may be found on several twitch streams.

Meet Vigors On Instagram

We can follow Vigor on Instagram under the name @vigorthegame.

He has gathered 13.9K followers on his IG handle and has uploaded 359 posts. On the other hand, he is also available on the Twitter platform under @KingVigors.

On the Twitter handle, 62.7K followers and has been following 328 people to date.