How Old Is Rapper Vita? All About Her Age And Bio

How Old Is Rapper Vita? All About Her Age And Bio

Vita Rapper’s actual age and birthday have not been confirmed yet. She is a female rapper who has been in the music industry for a long time.

LaVita Raynor, referred to just as Vita, is an American rapper and entertainer.

She is generally known as an entertainer for playing D.M.X.’s “side chick” Kionna in the 1998 film Belly.

As a rapper, she is known for her appearances on the melodies Lapdance by N.E.R.D., Put It on Me by Ja Rule and Down 4 U by Irv Gotti. Her sister is Kima Raynor of Total.

Vita Rapper Age And Birthday

Vita Rapper age is not surfaced yet.

We are unknown of her birth details, and she has not disclosed her birthday as well.

Likewise, her Zodiac sign is missing, so it’s challenging to assume her birthday.

She started her career-long time ago in 1998 and is active to this day. Although she is not seen rapping, she is involved in producing records.

Although she has her Wikipedia page, it does not contain information about her age, height, and personal life.

Find Out Vita Rapper Net Worth

The total net worth of Vita in 2021 has not been released yet.

She made money through her music career and was also seen in various movies as an actress.

Assuming all her career success and experience, she must have bagged some hefty amount and has her net worth in millions of dollars.

Who Is Vita Rapper Boyfriend?

The confirmed information on Vita’s boyfriend is not known.

During her career, she was rumored to be dating the American rapper, Ja Rule but both sides did not clear the rumor.

We are not sure about her affairs and assume her to be single at the moment.

You can also follow her on her Instagram account as she is available as @vitavitavitababy.

She has a verified sign on her account.

Where Is She Now?

Rapper Vita is still associated with the music industry.

Although she has not released a song for a while now, she is seen on various shows and concerts by famous rappers and musicians.

She was very popular during her era. In 2014, Vita was remembered for Billboard’s rundown of the “31 Female Rappers Who Changed Hip-Hop”.

She is currently busy promoting Ja Rule’s concert in New York City.