Vivica Fox Former Husband Is Christopher Harvest

The former husband of Vivica Fox is Christopher Harvest, who is professionally a singer. The couple tied the knot in 1998, and the short-lived marriage ended in 2002. 

He is also called as Sixx-Nine. It is his stage name. One of his famous albums is "To Heaven U Ride." Unfortunately, there are not many details about his personal and professional life. 

However, earlier this year, the actress shared the reason behind their separation during an interview. According to her, it was due to finances. She also expressed her regret about not taking much time to know him better. 

She shared that everyone around her was getting their cinderella moment, and she wanted one too. As a result, she got herself into a marriage after feeling peer pressure. 

In the earlier days of marriage, her partner was a singer, and the team he was singing with was supposed to have been signed with Death Row Records. However, after the death of Tupac and the decline of a record label, he did not have the same motivation.

He did not go out to try new things and pursue things that took a toll on their relationship. When she realized that she did not want to be a breadwinner at that home, she divorced him. 

How Much Is Vivica Fox Net Worth In 2021?

Vivica Fox has an estimated net worth of $2 -$4 million. She is an actress, producer, and television host. She has featured on many television series and films, which is a significant source of income for her. 

Furthermore, she also hosts Tv program where she gets a salary. Her salary is estimated to be $250,000 every year. 

Is Vivica Fox Still Married?

Vivica Fox is not married at present. She had dated rapper 50 cents after divorcing her husband. However, there is no news about her tying another marriage relationship.