Who Is Volx Fortnite?

Volx is a small streamer on Twitch and streams a low amount of various games.

He mainly plays Fortnite and other streams include VALORANT and Grand Theft Auto V a little bit.

Volx streamed a total of 647 Hours in 2021 from time to time. However, He was signed on with Raised by Kings in December 2019.

Generally, he streams without a face cam and tends to swear a lot. Although his parents were not initially fully supportive of his dream, they have since come around in light of his success.

Volx Face Reveal Age Real Name and his parent's nationality

Volx Face has been revealed in twitch but, his fans were eager to see his real face and it has come true that his face got popped out of the twitch.

His real name is Baran and he is from Australia and holds Australian Nationality. He is born and raised in Melbourne Victoria.

Furthermore, he is 18 years old as of 2021. By assumption, he was born in 2003 and celebrates his birthday on the 15th of February.

Nevertheless, his ethnicity is Turkish since his parent's origin is from Turkey. Meanwhile, any details regarding them are currently unavailable. 

Volx Networth and Instagram revealed

Volx Networth has been actually revealed by assumption, as he correspondingly has 240 subscribers which means that his base monthly earnings should be at least nearly $600 USD.

This excludes further income from tiered subscriptions, his team salary, donations, advertisements, tournament winnings and sponsorships. EsportsEarnings places his total tournament winnings at over $81,000 USD.

He doesn’t have a set schedule but favors streaming for between 2 – 5 hours per day.

His Instagram is active as @volxiee with 14.1k fans followers and a total of 465 posts.

Although he has posted his streaming post mostly on his Instagram.

He is also active on Twitter and Facebook platform.