15 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Cheating on You

Relationships are tough. When you are in love is the sweetest feeling in the world. However, if you suspect your partner is cheating, that is a different case altogether because it can be heartbreaking. 

We all want to be treated with love and respect. When that is not given to us, the feelings are no longer the same. 

Warning Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You

There are telltale signs that your partner is cheating. 

Let us look deeply at the 15 warning signs that show that your partner is cheating.

1. Protective of their phone

When you are in love, you don’t hide anything from each other. Your phone and partner’s phone should always be within reach and accessible. 

The minute your partner starts being protective of their phone; something is not right. 

They may be hiding something that they don’t want you to know. 

2. Lack of communication

Communication is what makes a relationship. It is like a glue that holds you and your partner together. 

If your partner starts communicating less, you should start worrying. 

If you are the only one trying to call or text your partner every day and are not doing the same, they might be directing all that to someone else.

3. No intimacy

If you cannot think of the last time you were intimate with your partner, something could be terribly wrong. 

Bearing in mind that intimacy brings couples together, it may be warring if your partner shows zero interest in you. 

Cheating may be the reason for this behavior, especially if your partner feels nothing towards you.

4. Moody

Have you noticed that your partner is usually moody without any explanation? It could be because they are hiding something and don’t want to be asked about it. 

So, their defense is to stay moody so that you don’t end up asking them anything. 

Mood swings could be a sure sign of cheating which is a manipulative act of cheaters.

5. Change in schedule

When in a relationship, it is only right that you know your partner’s schedule. If there are any changes to their schedule, they should alert you in advance. 

However, if they keep changing their plans without giving a good reason, be cautious. 

If your partner keeps working late suddenly beyond reasonable hours, they are cheating.

6. Unfriendly

If your partner is not as friendly as they used to be, take caution. 

Some people have a weird habit of being friendly when people are around, but they become silent and unfriendly when it’s just the two of you.

 If you notice that your partner feels uneasy around you, they may be cheating.  

7. Slip-ups

Cheaters have a way of slipping up. They tell you things that don’t add up. It is said that lies are hard to keep. 

If you realize that your partner has a habit of changing their story now and then, it is a sign of cheating. 

8. Money changes

Money is one aspect of a relationship that can define either partner. 

If you stumble upon credit card statements with hotel rooms or gifts you have never received, it could be a sign of cheating. 

A partner who does not use a credit card often will revert to regular cash withdrawals. If you notice such discrepancies, make it a point of questioning your partner. 

9. The smell of another woman

The moment you start smelling another woman on your man, it is a sure sign that he is cheating. 

When you notice that the perfume on him is not yours, be on the lookout. If your partner comes home freshly showered, it’s a significant tell that they are cheating. 

Something else is lipstick stains on his shirt. If it is not yours, definitely it’s from another woman.

10. Gut feeling

If you cannot shake the feeling that your partner is cheating, it could actually be true that they are. 

Your gut is never wrong, especially if you have been noticing suspicious behavior. If the trust you had for your partner is gone, there is a reason. 

If the behavior your partner is exhibiting is wanting, be on the lookout.

11. No longer vocal

If your partner is cheating, their loving gestures will not be the same. Words and actions will change. 

If your partner always said I love you and have stopped doing that, think twice. It may be a sign of emotional distance, which they may be showing to someone else. 

A partner who is cheating and feels guilty may not want to betray you with words, so they keep off the lovey-dovey nature.

12. Picks fights

A partner who picks fights with you for no reason might be cheating. What is happening here is making you seem the bad person. 

Why? To get rid of the guilt of the betrayal. 

If you have noticed your partner getting hypercritical with a habit of nitpicking everything you do, they might be justifying their cheating acts.

13. Keen on appearance

We all want to change some appearances, but when it is done more than usual, something is not correct. When in an established relationship, we all get comfortable and don’t mind our appearances because our partners are happy with how we are. Has your partner started changing his wardrobe or started hitting the gym with a renewed interest? It could be a sign that he is into someone else.

14. Always online

If your partner is always online and seems not to have so much time for you, watch out. It is a significant concern if he/she ends up getting sneaky about it. 

The moment you want to look at what he is doing online, and he/she ends up getting mad about it, take it as a red flag. 

15. Weird friends

A partner who is cheating will keep friends who will be excellent at covering his tracks. 

If you notice that the friends your partner keeps have a habit of defending his wayward ways, think twice. 

Those kinds of friends will end up leading your partner astray, as such straining your relationship.


Anyone who is 100 % committed to a relationship will give their all. A partner who sends mixed signals every now and then maybe cheating or on the verge of such behavior. 

On the other hand, your gut feeling may not be right. It is always best to ask your partner once you notice behaviors that are uncalled for. 

If they are indeed cheating, you have a choice to walk away or give them another chance if they apologize about it.

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