Who Is Carter Prenosil? Age & Wiki Bio

Carter Prenosil, age 17, is a senior at Carlisle High School. He is a basketball player on the school's basketball team. 

He joined the CHS Boys Varsity Football at Carlisle of Iowa in 2018. A talented athlete, Prenosil was inducted into the Carlisle High School Basketball Men's team. 

He scored two 3 pointers against Des Moines Christian during his recent November 30 game.

Currently, he is receiving a lot of backlash from viewers for his attack on the opponent team member during his match against Nevada H.S. 

Watch Carter Prenosil: Carlisle High School Basketball Fight Video On Reddit

The video of Carter Prenosil attacking Nevada high school basketball player Ty Dittmer has surfaced online. The clip has gone viral already. 

In the viral short clip, Ty Dittmer (the victim) was sharing final postgame handshakes with his rival team member of Carlisle High School when Prenosil punched him all of a sudden. 

The Carlisle Wildcats player hit him twice in the nine-second clip; once in the stomach and once in the face, as per TMZ

Dittmer fell backward onto his teammate and the two started throwing punches at each other. Both the teams are seen trying to separate the boys. 

It's uncertain why Prenosil resorted to violence but many believe it has to do something with the game's result. Nevada won the match while this is the second loss of Carlisle H.S. 

Is Carter Prenosil Arrested?

Carlisle Police Department has arrested Carter Prenosil for attacking Ty Dittmer. 

He is held in the Warren County Jail and will appear in court in a few days.

Carlisle H.S superintendent released a statement regarding the incident and said they don't tolerate such violent behavior adn will follow he student code of conduct during the investigation.