The challenge which has been titled as wear it big is making big waves and trending on the top list as of now.

However, according to most of the viewers, the challenge doesn't appear to be fit for the working environment.

The trend appears to be a bit uncovering and probably won't be fitting for the Tiktok community.


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♬ sonido original - Mechy Love ❤

What Is Wear It Big Challenge About? Here Is What We Know

Wear It Big Challenge is acted in music named Sonido originally Mechy Love in TikTok. 

More than over 22.9k recordings have been as of now made on the melody and distinctive named different tunes can likewise be found being utilized. 

We have seen previously, a pattern begins with comparative strides in the video yet gets altered and made do coming and some later recordings can be totally unique in relation to the initial ones. 

Wear it big trend is likewise not an exemption, in a portion of the early recordings we can see women sitting confronting the camera.

In the video, they position the camera with the end goal that it appears they are not wearing anything, and likewise when the beat drops reposition their legs uncovering their garments. 

In some later ones, we can see women wearing a curiously large shift toward the start of the video.

Then, at that point, they fix their shirt toward the finish of the video uncovering their brests from under, they don't wear a bra for the test.

Wear It Big Challenge Is Storming On TikTok

Wear It Big is a new challenge or trend that has been set on being viral on the Tiktok platform.

The trend is especially performed by the females where they show their bare breasts from under their shirt, they don't wear a bra for the video.

As indicated by HITC, certain individuals guarantee they are playing out the trend to bring issues to light and support ladies' strengthening and sisterhood. 

The test has amassed more than 100 million viewers and some top content makers have amassed more than 100 thousand likes and love from other TikTok makers. 

Wear it big trend clips can be found being made already from April 2021. Individuals are still continuing this trend and making various videos.



♬ sonido original - Mechy Love ❤