Where To Buy The Teddy Bear?

You can show your support for the movement by purchasing a teddy bear at  belarusbearforce.com.

A teddy bear costs 19.99 Dollars. Last Week Tonight has partnered with GlobalGiving to give 100% of the sales to organizations fighting for freedom in Belarus. 

John Oliver Mocking Belarus Bear Force Explained

John Oliver did not mock Belarus Bear Force in his show.

In fact, he partnered with several organizations to donate 100% of the proceedings to fighting against the unethical ruling of Belarus by Lukashenko.

John Oliver requested people to purchase the bear.

He requested the people to take part in the movement and buy it for Belarus.

He also jokingly said people to buy the bears for him. He said that they bought 10,000 of those bears and if they do not get rid of them, he'll be in problem.

What Actually Is Belarusbearforce?

Belarus Bear Force is a movement, an initiation against Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus.

It is believed that Lukashenko is not fond of teddy bears. As an act of rebellion, freedom fighters started selling teddy bears online to showcase their dissatisfaction with Alexander Lukashenko.

The revenue from the bears sold goes towards funding the fight for freedom against the tyrannical rule of the Belarusian president.

Lukashenko considers himself the last dictator of Europe. Protest against the president is at its all-time high in Belarus. 

Belarus Bear Force is an initiation that his helping towards fighting Lukashenko's oppression.