What Color Is The Grass TikTok Trend Explained


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The 'What Color is the Grass' basically involves mind games. In this challenge, one person asks you to repeat everything he/she says. So they start by saying the names of the colors like Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green, etc.

People repeat these words without any problem. But the last phrase they say is "what color is the grass?" and in response to that instead of repeating the exact phrase, people answer 'Green'. Pretty smooth moves to get you fooled, isn't it?

They don't even realize that they are supposed to repeat each word and not to answer that the color of the grass is green. What's funnier is that, no matter how many times you try it again, most of them cannot understand what mistake they did. Instead, they try to change their answer for the color of grass from green to yellow. Some even respond by saying that we don't have grass.


We don’t have grass?? ##fyp ##desertlife ##whatcoloristhegrass ##repeatafterme

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Well maybe they live in some deserted area so that's one smart way to answer but what would have been smarter is if they just repeated the phrase.

This is a really hilarious prank and honestly, the people who are getting pranked seem so innocent and cute that you will definitely end up smiling.

Why many people are being fooled on What Color is the Grass TikTok?

Okay, we know that many people are being easily fooled by this 'Repeat after me' or 'What Color is the Grass' challenge on TikTok. But do you know why so many people are getting fooled? Actually it involves our mind reflex.

Our brain is trained in such a way that some obvious things like Grass is green, Sky is Blue, etc. are not processed through our brain for fast reaction. Over the years, we have been taught these things so many times that our mind is set with these things and we don't even think before answering that Grass is green when someone asks us what is the color of grass. And saying the names of colors before that particular question just gives further confirmation that you would answer 'green'.


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It is similar to somewhat like we automatically close our eyes whenever something comes near our eyes.

You might have also enjoyed watching some Rapid Fire round questions when you would have to answer the first thing that comes to your mind after hearing the questions. That also works with the same mind mechanism. And because we answer without giving it any thought, some of our answers even seem bizarre even to ourselves. 

So if you are also being fooled in this prank, its because of your reflex action. But it sure makes for a very cute and funny TikTok video.