What Does 864511320 Mean? 864511320 Bumper Sticker Meaning

What Does 864511320 Mean? 864511320 Bumper Sticker Meaning

A lengthy code number 864511320 must have distracted your mind on Twitter. Know what it actually means. 864511320 Meaning Explained!

Well, how good is trend is if you don’t understand it? Absolutely no good. We always tend to love something spicy but we also want ourselves among the pie chart of people who knows things. 

We have seen various trends, even more during this lockdown. There are dance challenges, bottle challenges, funny trends and memes but lately a secret cryptic code has gone viral on Twitter. 

And the worst part is every user seems to understand it easily. But have you? If you haven’t, then there is not much room for frustration now. Here is the perfect explanation of what it means. 

What Does 864511320 Mean on Twitter?

As you know, this is a cryptic code. It may have various different meanings. And most of the times, they don’t have direct meanings. 

Hence, in order to extract the meaning from the code, first we have the break the code into different portions. The actual orientation of the code is “86”, “45”. “11320.” Now, Let me explain what each of them represent. 

According to the Urban DIctionary, 86 means “to remove something” or “to get rid of something.” It was a proper social media slang that started dating back to 2 years. It is the most common and widely used definition of 86.

You have probably seen “86” written on food packages, especially when you order it online. It is commonly used in the food service industry. It means to cancel the order if they have run out of materials. 

Hence, 86 generally means to remove something. 

Now, 45 is a very common term on Twitter during the recent days. It is used to symbolise the US president, Donald Trump. Trump is the 45th president of the United States. And 45 in the stciker code, represents him. 

Two gone. 86 and 45. You see where we are heading with this, don’t you? 

And finally 11320 is something like 11-3-20. It represents the date. November 3rd 2020. It is the date presidential election in the United States is scheduled for. 

We have cracked the code, Congratulations. And in a nutshell, it means to remove President Trump in the upcoming presidential election which is to be held on November 3, 2020. 

How did this trend get started?

Honestly, I guess it took one overthinking creative to create the code and another creative person to crack it. Then, it was good to go on twitter. People are tweeting about how they are recieving a huge number of DMs just to ask meaning of the code. 

The code however, could be made by the Trump critics on the social media. And they supposedly made it viral as well. After all, there aren’t much Trump supporters on social media. The code was going to get viral either way. 

This is not the first time, we have had a meme about Donald Trump on twitter or any other networking site. The american president is never off the spotlight but famously and infamously as well. 

Peeople criticize him all the time on twitter. But this time, they went a little too creative to do that part. Whatsoever, the code went trending on twiter. There are miillion of tweets mentioning the code. Some are happily admitting they get it and some still are looking for answers. 

We happen to witness trends, every other day, even every other hour. But a trend like this comes once in a while and it is absoutely worth it. It brings a little chaos in the brains of social media users and it is always fun when you finally get it. 



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