What Does BMF Mean On TikTok? Its TikTok and Instagram Meaning Explained

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What Does BMF Mean On TikTok? Its TikTok and Instagram Meaning Explained

What does BMF mean on TikTok? If you have been surfing on TikTok and Instagram lately, then you might have seen people posting videos and photos with hashtag #BMF, or people commenting BMF on each other’s posts.

This internet slang, “BMF” has been more frequently used because of its popularity through TikTok and it has reached its way to Instagram also. So what really is the meaning of BMF?

Well, there are numerous meanings of this popularly used slang. And its meaning might differ according to the situation or places it is being used. Maybe you are getting confused about its meaning in separate places. Don’t be confused anymore, cause we are here to clear your confusion about the meaning of BMF.

What does BMF mean on TikTok?

The most common meaning of BMF anywhere is “Bad Mother Fu**er”. When people are using BMF in their TikTok and Instagram posts, it usually means Bad Mother Fu**er. It is popularized by Quentin Tarantino’s film Pulp Fiction.


##truck ##diesel ##strong ##digdeep ##foryou ##omg ##lol ##crazy ##foryoupage ##jacked ##bmf

♬ The Final Countdown – Europe

It is also popular because of its use in wrestling UFC. The belt for the winner is called “BMF” and it is given to the winner of the wrestling match to give him the title of the “Baddest Motherfu**er”.

So when people use this term, it might sound a little offensive but it actually is not. It is rather used to appreciate someone’s strong behavior.


YOUR BMF 🤬 ##sports ##ufc ##jorgemasvidal ##bmf ##mma

♬ Tupac Back (feat. Rick Ross) – Meek Mill

But you should know the other meanings of BMF also because it might be used in different contexts also.

What does BMF mean on Instagram?

Just like in TikTok, BMF means the same on Instagram also and that is “Bad Motherf***er”. It is kind of used as a compliment, especially to the boys or men. And like I said earlier, this meaning of the word is popularised because of the movie “Pulp fiction”.

BMF meaning in text messages

It is kind of customary to use short forms or abbreviated words while texting with your friends and family.

So, in text messages, BMF most commonly meansBe My Friend“. It might also mean Best Male Friend according to the context of the conversation. Just like in other social media platforms, BMF can simply mean Bad Motherfu**ers in text messages also.

BMF meaning on Urban Dictionary

Now that you have read so many usages of the internet slang word, you must think that you know all the meanings of BMF. But there are more meanings of this phrase according to the urban dictionary and abbreviation finder.

Apart from “Bad Mother fu**ers”, “Be my friend”, and “Best male friend”, the other most common meanings of BMF include “Blowing Money Fast” and “Black Mafia Family’.

Blowing Money Fast is a popular song by rapper Rick Ross. And BMF stands for “Black Mafia Family” in legal jargon. BMF in the governmental field and in the law & legal terminology, in particular, refers to as Black Mafia Family, which is a drug trafficking organization.

The non-slang meaning of this word BMF can be the abbreviated form of “Bulk Mail Facility” especially for Canadian postal service.