What Does No Cap Mean? Where Does No Cap Came From? Origin Explained

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What Does No Cap Mean? Where Does No Cap Came From? Origin Explained

What Does No Cap Mean? The term “Cap” got famous amongst the crowd when a song called No Cap was released back in the year 2017. The song was a smashing hit and it aroused the curiosity of people as to what the real meaning of No Cap is. To this day, some may have not known its real meaning.

So, for those of you who are not quite aware of what No Cap stands for, pat yourself on the back because you have found the right article. After reading this, you will not only get to know what No Cap means but also a few bonus facts like where did it originate from and more.

What Does No Cap Mean? 

Why don’t we start with a good old meaning of No Cap first? Getting straight to its definition, Cap is a slang that basically stands for crap or lie. If you say it’s a cap then you are saying it is bullshit, something you should not trust or rely on.

In the same way, it is called a cap when someone brags or exaggerates about something. And, the person who caps is called a Capper which is someone you definitely don’t want to be. 


So, when someone says No Cap, what they mean is no lie. And, that is equivalent of saying for real. It is almost as comparable to saying “On God” or “I Swear”. Likewise, there is also another meaning for No Cap where it stands for no limit.

Therefore, what Cap means over here is a maximum amount and mostly has to do with cash or price.

Where Does No Cap Slang Come From? Its Origin Explained

The slang, No Cap mostly became popular when the rappers, Future and Young Thug release their banger, No Cap. Their song got out in the year 2017. And, many grew familiar with this slang after the song came out. However, its origin dates back to longer than this.


Talking about where this slang comes from, it has its roots in Atlanta, Georgia from the early 1900s. And, many rappers and hip hop music artists have been using this slang in a lot of their rap and hip hop songs. 

So, even though the slang, No Cap has a long history, it resurfaced over the internet and in the modern lingo in recent years. And, a few research showed that the use of No Cap emerged on the internet circa 2012. However, the slang had been in usage in real life for years.


“Cap” “No Cap” And “Capping” Meaning Explained On Text

These slangs, “Cap”, “No Cap”, and “Capping” are used heavily even while sending text messages. If someone texts you something you know is not true then, you call it a cap which means lie. So, the meaning of Cap is the same even in text.

Likewise, No Cap is used in a text when you want to imply that you are telling nothing but the truth. Every time the slang, No Cap is used, it means that you are serious and mean it for real.


However, No Cap can sometimes mean No Caption on Instagram. So, it can get a little tricky like that at times. But, you will get its meaning from the context. On the other hand, Capping on text refers to lying or exaggerating.

Not just in text messages, but the term Capping can be heard in quite a lot of hip hop songs. Artists like 21 Savage, DaBaby, Offset and more have used this slang in their lyrics.

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