what does no❤ mean On TikTok? no❤ Emoji Meaning on Text

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what does no❤ mean On TikTok? no❤ Emoji Meaning on Text

What does no❤️ mean on TikTok? If that’s what you guys are wondering about as well then, our guess is that you have watched TikTok videos using no❤️. By now, most of us are well aware that these emojis have a meaning. And, we all have known plenty of such emojis and their meanings as well.

But, when it comes to the no❤️, not a lot of people are quite aware of it as of yet. However, the hype with no❤️ is real as the videos on TikTok seem to have this emoji and the number of TikTokers using it has been growing too. So, what is the real meaning of this emoji no❤️ on TikTok is the main question here.

What Does No❤️ Mean On TikTok?

The videos on TikTok with hashtag #no❤️ have garnered a total view of 20.1 million so far. In these videos, what the TikTok users basically do is use no❤️ in an argument. And, believe it or not, but that is pretty much it. Once you say no❤️, it is like putting an end to whatever it is that is being discussed.

Now, you might ask, why not just use a plain and simple no, just like we would do in a normal situation. But, as it turns out, saying no with an ❤️ emoji makes a whole different point. At least. that is what the TikTokers seem to believe.


It be like that sometimes ##no❤️##ibacktheblue##igotyour6##alllivesmatter##bluelivesmatter##sharecopylink

♬ original sound – caleb3307


Using no with ❤️ emoji really seems to make a difference. You can go see for yourself how people have been using these hashtags whenever they feel like they have a different POV than the other person. And, as a result, this has turned into a new trend on TikTok.

No❤️Emoji Meaning on Text

The meaning of No❤️ emoji stays relevant even on text messages. If someone hits you up with some message and you are not down with it then, simply say No❤️. Or, if they just tell you something that you don’t agree with then, again No❤️ is what you reply.

So, this emoji comes in handy almost in every other situation whenever you want to say no. But, you want to say no with an ❤️ emoji because that’s the new trend. And, no❤️ does really seem to make an assertion rather than a simple no.


Reply to @kole_k21 NO NO NO##SNOOZZZAPALOOZA ##RainforestFacts ##BrowFitness ##MakeSomeoneSmile ##skillbuilding ##No❤️ ##areyouserious ##fyp ##hate #

♬ are you serious are you serious – _nineninesixteensixteen


What Does No❤️ Stands For on Urban Dictionary?

With everything that has been discussed so far, why don’t we look at the Urban Dictionary‘s definition of no❤️? Maybe that could help you get an idea about what it is about.

So, according to it, no❤️ is “just a funny way to say no“. And, another meaning says that no❤️ is “a power move to win any argument”. This definition is pretty legit as this emoji has been used for this very purpose on TikTok.


Reply to @boomeremoverr ##Cottagecore ##SummerVlog ##SUBstepchallenge ##replytocomments ##typical ##no❤️ ##fyp ##ohboy ##silly ##america ##fyp ##xyzbca ##lol

♬ original sound – breegose


Another meaning that was found on the Urban Dictionary states that no❤️ is “a passive-aggressive way to say no, saying no in a judgemental way. originated from alt TikTok”. 

What Does Yeah❤️ Mean?

Just like no❤️, emoji yeah❤️  is also quite big on TikTok lately. So, don’t be surprised if you come across posts on TikTok with yeah❤️. No wonder, the TikTok videos with hashtags #yeah❤️  has got over 33 million views.


my comfort > how I look. sorry❤️ ##pride ##gay ##lgbt ##yeah❤️

♬ Our Song (Made Famous by Taylor Swift) – Icons Of Modern Country


Taking a look at what the Urban Dictionary has to say about yeah❤️, it says “it’s sarcasm and something that people on straight tik tok will not understand“. If you don’t know it yet, there are two sides of TikTok, one being the Alt and the other is Straight.

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