What Does TB Mean on TikTok & Snapchat? TB Meaning In Text Message

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What Does TB Mean on TikTok & Snapchat? TB Meaning In Text Message

Do you know what does TB mean on TikTok and Snapchat? If you are a regular on social media like TikTok and Snapchat, you might have come across the word TB. The use of social media has diversified the use of a dictionary, these days. While there is a population that loves to use complete words or formal words, there are youngsters who use abbreviations or slang often.

Recently, the word ‘TB’ is getting a lot popular on social media like TikTok and Snapchat. In 2019, TikTok successfully became the boss of every social media platform out there in the market. The social media has kept a huge crowd occupied. Every now and then, we get to see new trends or challenges or slangs on TikTok. These days, TB is on the rise in TikTok.

Wanna know what does TB mean on social media like TikTok or Snapchat? Well, you don’t have to look for your Oxford Dictionary or even Google it. Here is to your query.

What does TB mean on TikTok?

The use of the word ‘TB’ is getting over-the-top popularity on social media TikTok. With frequent use of the word, any TikTok user might have come across the word, have you? If you have come across the word by any chance, you might be wondering what it means on the social media TikTok. Well, the meaning of the word ‘TB’ is quite simple.

TB simply implies throwback. We presume, it was easy for you to guess, wasn’t it? Either way, you now know what TB means on TikTok.


@charlidamelio @lilhuddy πŸ₯ΊπŸ’™ ##foryou ##tb


Hashtag TB is has taken TikTok by storm. If you look for hashtag TB on TikTok, you will be in awe for a moment and that’s for sure. After all, the hashtag has 1.6 billion video views on TikTok and a number of TikTok users have shared video under this hashtag.


😭 ##fyp ##foryourpage ##viral ##puppy ##doggy ##dogsoftiktok ##foryou ##tiktok ##dog ##tb

♬ i didnt think this would blow up – unhappyaudios

The videos under hashtag TB are filled with love and warmth. When you miss someone or some moment, you share a clip with the person or someplace you miss under hashtag TB. It is, more or less, like walking down the memory lane and that is why this hashtag is popular on TikTok.

What does TB mean on Snapchat?

In general, TB means throwback, when it comes to social media. If you are a science student, better not mistake TB as tuberculosis. Well, we are not discussing diseases here. TB on Snapchat has the same meaning as it does on TikTok. And the meaning is a throwback. 

Besides just using TB as a hashtag on social media to share videos or fell nostalgic, TB is also used frequently while text messaging. If you are missing a moment with your hubby or friend or family, you can send him/her a picture or a clip and simply write ‘TB.’ It would convey the reviser, how much you miss being with them, or how much you miss the moment. 

It is a good thing for anyone to knock on old memories. Everyone feels nostalgic sometimes and it is a good thing, in common. TB can be best used to express those feelings on social media like TikTok or Snapchat.

Why is TB so Popular on TikTok?

The use of word TB could be the best social thing that has ever come across social media. Before the use of TikTok, people used to share some old pictures or clips on Facebook using hashtag TB. After we were introduced to TikTok, the use of TB shifted to social media TikTok.


##tb to the time we were walking down the street and a random doggo named Murphy ate our hamburger buns πŸ” ##dog ##dogsotiktok

♬ original sound – hammalammadingbat

If you look for TikTok videos under hashtag TB, you will find several videos with hundreds of thousands of views. Getting to speak your heart out is one of the best feelings for any person. You will not regret using TB on social media like TikTok or Snapchat.