What Does WYS Mean On Snapchat?

WYS is an acronym that means Whatever You Say.

It is used when someone is in total agreement with something that was just said.

WYS may also mean What You Saying in some cases. However, the true meaning of the slang is very confusing as it stands for "what are you saying" but means "what are you doing".

Furthermore, this acronym is very casual slang and should never be used in formal texting. For example Person A: Hey, What's up? Person B: Nothing Much, WYS?

What Does YSW Mean On Snapchat?

YSW means You're So Welcome.

This abbreviation may be used when you are welcoming someone to your place. For example Person A: Can I stay at your house today? Person B: Sure, YSW.

Moreover, you may also use it as a reply when someone is thanking you.

What Does ICL Mean On Snapchat?

ICL stands for In Christian Love.

This slang is generally used during a conversation between two Christian.

It is also used at the end of an E-mail like Thank you for reading my application, ICL, Alex.

What Does WTD Mean On Snapchat?

WTD is an abbreviation that stands for Want To Date or What To Do depending on the context.

In most cases, the latter option is true. This abbreviation is generally used when someone is confused and doesn't have an idea. For example, your classmate may text you saying," Did you complete the math project? I don't know WTD.

In some cases, WTD may also mean What's The Deal. Some people might say," Hey, WTD? You were going to help me complete my assignment. Are we meeting or not?"