What Happened To Arapera Moana Aroha Fia?

On Sunday, October 31, the toddler, Arapera Moana Aroha Fia died at Starship Children's Hospital. 

She was discovered with critical injuries within the property of Gibbons Rd in Weymouth on the evening of October 31. 

Fia could not withstand the pain and suffering from the injury and died the same evening at Starship Children's Hospital.

Her death has devastated everyone, including his father and her whole community. Everyone is taken aback by the news of a toddler with a promising future leaving the world due to a crime. 

The investigation is going on to discover the full circumstances surrounding her death.

Was the Suspect Who Abused Her To Death Arrested?

A man and a woman are arrested as suspects in Arapera Moana Aroha Fia's death. Both defendants appeared in the Manukau District Court, Wednesday. 

A 21-year-old man of Mangere residents has been charged with murder, while a 21-year-old Weymouth woman has been charged with manslaughter.

It was the second hearing of the case. However, it was first for the defendants as they could not attend the previous gearing due to covid regulations. 

Interim suppression was accorded during last month's Manukau District Court hearing as some family members were unaware of the charges.

Both the suspects are kept in custody until the next hearing on December 8, 2021. And if proven guilty, they both will be charged with life imprisonment for their deed.

After the two were taken into custody last month. Detective Inspector Warrick Adkin stated that no other people were being sought after the toddler's death.

Is Her Mother Nikitalove Tekotia? Explore Arapera Fia Mum And Her husband

Arapera was a much-loved little girl, and her death has distraught her family.

She has an extended family with a maternal grandmother, who requested that the police state her granddaughter's death on their behalf.

The family also requested privacy so that they could "celebrate Arapera's enormous loss." She was born to her father Malcolm Fia, and her mother. It is believed that her mother is Nikitalove Tekotia.

However, there isn't much information about her on the internet. While maintaining privacy as per her family's demand, we could not discover more about their family. 

Arapera was a sweet little girl and the dad's little princess. He has posted on social media, expressing his grief and pain. He writes, "I've felt pain before, but this pain I've never experienced," on Facebook.

"Every day, it becomes more difficult to accept that this isn't just a bad dream. I know you're up there smiling and watching over everyone, but your father misses you terribly."