Daniel Cipolat Wife And Children Details

Following the murder, The wife and children of Daniel Cipolat have moved quickly through a lawyer to file a complaint.

Daniel's son, Nicolas Cipolat, recently stated that he believes Uribe is responsible for his father's death.

Moreover, He also revealed that the research has not been conducted properly and that an unusual series of events have occurred during the police investigation process.

On the other hand, his wife and other family have not spoken to the police or any media outlets to date.

Daniel Cipolat Death Rumors Explained

The death rumors and hoax surrounding Daniel Cipolat seem to be entirely valid, as several media outlets have confirmed it.

Daniel was discovered dead and naked in the garden of his secretary's house in Cancun, Mexico, according to the news.

Linda Uribe, a Mexican national and Daniel Cipolat's personal secretary, is the primary suspect in the murder.

As per the reports, Linda confessed to the murder and pointed out the location of Daniel's dead body to his son. However, because the investigation is still ongoing, the exact cause of Daniel's death is unknown at this time.

Daniel Cipolat Wikipedia Biografia

Daniel Cipolat was a well-known meditation teacher with his biography on many other websites except for Wikipedia.

He was also a popular web star with a large social media following and more than 25k subscribers to his YouTube Channel as well. The guru was mostly known by his nickname Dandelion. 

To be more precise, he has over 70 thousand followers on Facebook and over 21k on Instagram. Likewise, on his YouTube channel, he shared music videos for meditation and spiritual purposes.

In terms of his most recent YouTube video, it was posted on August 23, which included an audio recording with the voice of Google Translate.

Concerning the video, it contained an explanation of what happens to the body after it dies. The video has received over 36 thousand views as of now.

Who Is Daniel Cipolat And What Happened To Him?

Daniel Cipolat was a 60-year-old guy who had devoted his life to giving lectures on cosmology.

According to the reports, He is thought to have been murdered by his secretary and dumped in the garden.

Currently, The police and other officials are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death.

While on the contrary, The Mexican justice system is conducting an autopsy on the dead body to help determine the day and time of his passing.

In addition to that, following Daniel's murder, His followers and well-wishers have flooded social media with messages pleading for justice.