What Is Duncan Garner Doing Now After Leaving The AM Show?

Duncan Garner is oblivious about revealing his intentions and work details for the moment after his departure from the show.

The fans of the show are sad and have tweeted on Twitter about his presence. Garner is replaced by Magic Talk host Ryan Bridge and has started to work on the show.

Until Garner reveals his further plans on what is going we are unsure and can't say any exact detail. 

Where Is Duncan Garner And His Family Today?

Currently, there is no information found on where is Duncan Garner and his family, as he is silent about his whereabouts with the media.

Duncan has quitted the show since he was unable to give time to his families and personal matters that demand his observation. Apart, from that nothing is disclosed by him.

Garner has been involved in several relationships previously and has four children as of now. Firstly, he dated television journalist, Mihingarangi Forbes for ten years and has two daughters together. 

In 2010, he dated another woman and has a child with her, and finally, he married Deanna Delamere in 2011 and have a son. Deanna and Duncan were separated in 2018, as per his Wikipedia. 

Duncan Garner And Wife Deanna Delamere Net Worth Explored

Duncan Garner and his wife Deanna Delamere's net worth are estimated to be more than $2 million. However, their exact figures are yet to be known. 

Similarly, Duncan's annual salary was around $104,000 as a host in TV3.

In 1995, Garner started his career as a reporter for television New Zealand. After that in 2003, he moved to TV3 and started working as a political editor, and hosted The Nation and the Radio Live drive slot in 2012 December. 

He has worked for 20 years before resigning from the channel in August 2021 and covered many cases and stories.

What Happened To Duncan Garner From The AM Show?

Duncan Garner quits The AM Show over TV3's repeating brutal hours.

After leaving the show, fans all over became curious over what happened to Duncan as his absence made them feel something amiss in the show. He answered to his viewers that he could not manage the excessive working hours.

Duncan had worked for almost two decades with the channel but with harsh schedules, he had to say goodbye to his audiences and viewers.

If the reason is the brutal hours for him to quit the show then it is a legal way to move on, other than that he is yet to reveal what has happened between him and the channel. 

The viewers of the show are sad after he announced his resignation from TV3. He has described his work as the best job ever and after five years working as the host of The AM Show.