Eamonn Holmes Latest Health Condition - Is He Hospitalized?

The television presenter Eamonn Holmes is not hospitalized as he stated that he was only there for testing.

The This Morning host stated that he needs to regain his back strength before his steroid treatments run out.

Eamonn has been getting treatment to attempt to relieve his pain, which he claims works for him. However, in a recent interview, the pain-stricken host stated that he had a deadline to get better.

He stated, "I started tweeting about chronic pain, and the response was enormous."

Holmes also mentioned that he has heard from many people who have been in a car accident have no hope of getting cured; their pain will last the rest of their life, and he feels for them.

Eamonn also disclosed that the possibility of being confined to a wheelchair looms large over him.

Eamonn Holmes Illness And Face Shingles Update

Eamonn Holmes has spoken out about his shingles struggle and how he was diagnosed on his son Declan's wedding day.

The illness has been plaguing the TV personality for three years.

As per Holmes, if a person has had chickenpox, the person has a 60% chance of developing shingles on the face.

On the broadcast on September 22nd, he discussed the impact of the disease and how the side effects ruined his image on his son's wedding day.

Also, Eamonn says he ruined all his son's wedding pictures because he had shingles on his face. 

Eamonn's conversation comes after he said that if Anne Robinson had been a man, he would have knocked her head off when she criticized his parenting.

What Happened To Eamonn Holmes?

When Eamonn Holmes shared a photo of himself wearing masks in the hospital, his followers were curious about what happened to him.

However, he has said that he visited the hospital for tests due to chronic pain. Chronic pain is a discomfort that occurs for more than six months. 

Even after the injury or sickness that caused it has healed or gone away, this sort of pain can remain for a long time.

Eamonn captioned the photo saying that he never felt the pain before that he felt in the hospital.

He further said, "Hope they discover the cause. Wish me, well folks."