What Happened To Jess Sims Peloton? Injury Update And Details

What Happened To Jess Sims Peloton? Injury Update And Details

What Happened To Jess Sims Peloton? Here is an injury update on the Peloton rider. 

Over the last few years, Jess Sims has garnered a lot of attention on social media following her Peloton workout vlogs. Besides, she has also found herself in a decent position in the company, One Peloton as well. 

On April 19, Jess wanted to finish her workout 15 minutes early because she was listening to her body. Fans have been worrying about her injury ever since. 

What happened to Jess Sims? Injury Update

Jess Sims has suffered from a minor injury. However, she has not revealed any details regarding the setback. 

Sims, who is known for her Peloton riding sessions left her last workout early. By leaving the session 15 minutes early, the celebrity workout athlete wrote, “Was listening to my body.”

It raised a lot of questions among her loyal fans who have been worrying about her following the message. But the athlete has not surfaced any further information about her injury until now. 

However, she later took into her Instagram story to confirm that she is okay. The instructor also thanked her followers for being so caring. 

Jess Sims Boyfriend and Partner

Jess Sims doesn’t have a boyfriend or partner at the moment. 

Nonetheless, she has a habit of being very subtle about her personal life. So, even if she is engaged in a relationship, there’s no way to know about it until the instructor decides to reveal the information. 

Currently based in New York city, she is one of the most popular peloton workout specialists all around the country. 

Meet Jess Sims on Instagram

Jess Sims is quite popular on Instagram as she has over 298k followers on the platform. 

However, she is yet to have a Wikipedia biography. The instructor stands at a great height and keeps her body in an amazing shape. Also, she helps thousands of other people to keep fitness.