Is Michael Buffer Retired? Know About What Happened To The American Ring Announcer

Is Michael Buffer Retired? Know About What Happened To The American Ring Announcer

Did Michael Buffer retire? Learn about what happened to the popular sports announcer for boxing and wrestling matches in the article below.

Michael Buffer is an American ring announcer and Sports host for boxing and professional wrestling matches.

He is popularly known for his trademarked catchphrase, “Let’s get ready to rumble!”. Buffer introduces a distinct announcing style in which he rolls certain letters and adds other conjugations to a fighter’s name. Bruce Buffer, his half-brother is also a UFC announcer.

In 2018, Buffer signed an exclusive contract with the DAZN streaming service to serve as ring announcer for their boxing cards. Previously he had worked mostly for HBO televised fights.

What Happened To Michael Buffer?

Michael Buffer was diagnosed with throat cancer back in 2008, the worst kind of disease imaginable for an announcer.

His diagnosis required aggressive surgery and chemotherapy, which would almost certainly end his announcing career. Buffer, however, got a acquit.

He was incredibly told he might never speak again, But less than thirty days after the operation, he was back working in Las Vegas, introducing Joe Calzaghe and Bernard Hopkins to the ring.

Michael Buffer has beaten cancer and beaten down any critics who may have thought a car salesman would never make a big time.

But recently we don’t have any news regarding his illness or any problem behind what actually has happened to him doesn’t seem to get unveiled.

Why Is Michael Buffer Not Announcing? 

Michael Buffer is not announcing these days because he will be spending more time overseas.

The exclusivity of his contract with WCW prevented Buffer from announcing for other wrestling-type organizations, forcing him to stop announcing for the UFC.

But now may be due to his old age and haven’t got much stamina like before he has somehow taken a break from announcing and took a break. However, he has not revealed the reason behind it.

And as per the news he only announces as pay per view or maybe he is seeking high paying one.

Buffer is famous for his catchphrase “Let’s get ready to rumble!”He has trademarked this phrase and sued numerous people and companies, such as Columbia Pictures, New Line Cinema, and Oliver North for using it without his authorization.

Is Michael Buffer Retired? 

Michael Buffer admitted that he is getting close to his retirement last year and relate he may even sell his famous catchphrase.

Back in 1992, Buffer snagged a trademark for the phrase “let’s get ready to rumble.” Hence, the seasoned announcer is considering selling it for his retirement.

We may not see him as an announcer much in the upcoming days, as we can already notice, so it might be true that he has already retired. 

Meanwhile, Buffer has not revealed what he would be doing after his retirement or confirmed the reason for absence to the media as of now.

Where Is Michael Buffer Now?

Recently, Michael seems to be engaging in his work as his passion has not overcome his capability.

Furthermore, his enthusiasm for the work he is doing for many years, kept him occupied with the profession up until now.

Buffer currently resides in Southern California. His half-brother Bruce Buffer is the announcer for Ultimate Fighting Championship, a leading mixed martial arts promotion.