What Happened To Moses Wright? 

Moses Wright lived his life until his death despite testifying against Emmett's white killers, Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam.

Many were worried that the elderly Wright may face the same fate as his nephew for his courageous act in court.

Before his testimony, he was discouraged by many not to speak against the Byrants as racial discrimination against the Black people was a common trait in the country.

However, Mose fought for justice though they lost the case due to racial disparity.

Wright and his niece, Mamie fought till the end which has made history when it comes to civil rights in the U.S.

After the case was over, Mose continued his daily life and moved to Illinois from Mississippi.

Moses Wright Emmett Till Uncle Today - Is He Dead Or Alive?

Moses Wright, the great-uncle of the late Emmett Till is not alive as of today.

Mose passed away in August 1977 at La Grange, Cook County, Illinois. He is reported to have left the world at the age of 85.

Meanwhile, his contribution and courage are still not forgotten.

In the ABC drama, his role is portrayed by the renowned actor, Glynn Turman who has provided just characterization to the life of Wright.

The drama has received positive feedback from the audience while the actor has received appreciation for their portrayal.