What Happened To Ron Barassi And Wife Cheryl Copeland?

VFL/AFL legend Ron Barassi and his wife Cheryl have tested positive for COVID-19.

According to a spokesperson for Barassi, the couple was infected with the COVID-19 virus possible at the celebration last month despite being double vaccinated.

Both are under medical supervision and focus on recovering at home.

The seriousness of the virus is not very high at the moment that Ron and Cheryl have decided to stay at home for recovery until any complication arises.

The football legend and his wife thought to have contracted the virus at Peter "Crackers" Keenan's 70th birthday party last month.

It was a big party with over 130 people, and many of the party attendees have since tested positive for COVID-19. 

However, any further information on which variant of COVID-19 they have caught up has not made news to the public yet. 

Ron Barassi Wife Cheryl Copeland And Family

Ron Barassi married Cherryl Copeland in 1981 after his divorce from his ex-wife Nancy Kellett in 1975. 

During his coaching career at North Melbourne, Ron survived a car crash, which caused life-threatening injuries and lost his spleen.

Barassi used a motorised buggy and a wheelchair for a short time.

Despite this setback, he attended training nights at Arden Street and directed players with assistants.

Ron Barassi Children

Ron Barassi has three children with his former wife, Nancy Kellett. 

In his early years of being a footballer, he settled in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, at Heathmont, and had three beautiful kids: Susan (born 29 July 1960), Ron (born 23 June 1962) and Richard (born 13 February 1964).

However, other details about Ron and Cheryl having kids together are still in the dark.