What Happened With Kyte Baby? TikTok Drama Explained

Following the latest TikTok scandal, Kyte Baby has faced hate on social media. Hopefully, the situation will be resolved quickly.

The owner of store Kyte Baby apologized for the current behavior of one of their staff in a recent TikTok video. She said that the TikTok star didn't reflect the company's worth.

So, on behalf of her staff, she has honestly requested an apology. According to reports, Kyte Baby is a firm believer in equality and diversity and will not allow racism in the workplace.

Furthermore, the proprietor maintains that she has consistently opposed such behavior. As a result, we anticipate harsh punishment for the person who was implicated in the recent controversy.

Furthermore, Kyte Baby expresses his deepest condolences to everyone who the recent statements have harmed. 

It's fantastic that they've come forward and apologized on social media.

She has guaranteed that Kyte Baby would now be in charge of selecting the appropriate word before publishing their work. She has also apologized for all of the other errors that her company has made.

Mccall Deason Hazel Racist Tweets Leading Kyte Baby TikTok Drama

Recent tweets from Mccall Deason Hazel have been labeled racist. She has, however, accepted her wrongdoing and requested an apology.

She has also admitted to making the error of not properly caring for her child. She has pledged to utilize the appropriate products in the future.

Mccall, on the other hand, is a TikTok celebrity with 1.4 million fans. Her videos have reportedly received 38.5 million likes on the platform.

We learn from a handful of the responses that Mccall's racist remarks were made in the past. 

Mccall has gained a great deal of insight and wishes to move forward while putting the terrible aspects of her life behind her.

Hopefully, everything between Mccall and Kate Baby goes smoothly. The clothes company no longer employs her.

Charlie Ann is the name of Mccall Deason's child. In August of 2021, she was born.

She is married to Jermaine Hood, according to Famous Birthdays. In addition, the couple has a second daughter.