What Is Dollhouse Challenge TikTok? How To Do NYX’s Dollhouse Challenge?

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What Is Dollhouse Challenge TikTok? How To Do NYX’s Dollhouse Challenge?

Dollhouse Challenge is the new trend that’s being quickly viral in TikTok because it’s Halloween season and this spooky challenge is fun and scary. 

Challenges in TikTok never end. Just as the world outside changes, that’s reflected in TikTok challenges and nothing proves this more than the recent Dollhouse challenge that’s a source of enjoyment for a lot of people. Especially, if you are a follower of makeup videos and brands, this challenge is going to be of great interest to you. As Halloween is here, a spooky challenge is being hit on TikTok. Coincidence? I think not.

NYX is a brand that created and sponsored this challenge and that’s really smart of them. After all, they know the teenagers are their main target customers and TikTok is where they could find them. Read all of this article to know about his genius marketing idea by NYX and everything about the Dollhouse challenge on TikTok.


Living my Broken Doll Fantasy using @nyxcosmetics_uk Matte Finish Setting Spray ##DollHouseChallenge AD

♬ Dollhouse – Melanie Martinez

What Is Dollhouse Challenge In TikTok?

Dollhouse Challenge is a sponsored challenge in TikTok that’s about showing scary makeup looks and making TikTok video of that. The artistry required to create these incredible faces are appreciable and deserve way more credit because it looks simple but it’s not.


‘Creepy Clown Doll’ 🤡 What doll would you be? ##DollHouseChallenge @nyxcosmetics_uk ##ad

♬ Dollhouse – Melanie Martinez

This user has decided to be a very creepy doll using the power of makeup and it is very believable. If I met her in an alley, I would almost pee my pants. It must have taken a lot of time to do that make-up.

So, this is exactly what dollhouse challenge is about. People make a makeup video and make themselves appear very scary. The video goes well and has chances of being viewed more because it’s Halloween season.


@keilidhmua joins our ##DOLLHOUSECHALLENGE 🗝💗 We can’t wait to see all your Halloween doll looks 🖤 ##nyxcosmetics_uk ##fyp ##halloweenmakeup

♬ Dollhouse – Melanie Martinez


A hashtag “#DOLLHOUSECHALLENGE” has suddenly skyrocketed in TikTok with views over 661 million. That is some serious level of participation in TikTok. The challenge was sponsored by a makeup company called NYX Professional Makeup.

In these videos, people are using NYX products and highlighting the “Matte Setting Spray” to give their looks a final touch. All of these videos or at least the ones that have been sponsored by NYX have clear evidence of NYX spray being used.

It’s a wonderful way to market your product because you get the ball rolling initially and once the trend is established, everyone jumps at making the challenge videos, and your product is marketed to the audience.

How To Do NYX’s Dollhouse Challenge?

NYX is a professional make up company that has sponsored this challenge and if you want to do it, I will teach you in these simple steps:

  1. Create a scary look first of all. I am not a makeup expert but make sure you look at Youtube videos and take help from James Charles or your favorite makeup Youtuber. Use those eye shadows, contours, and make a scary look at first.
  2. After that, you have to use the Matte Setting Spray of the NYX company.
  3. You can choose to use other sprays but NYX sponsors the videos of only those creators who have shown that the Spray was from NYX. That’s a fair deal if they only sponsor the videos that showcase their product.

In order to buy NYX Matte Setting Spray, you can click right here. Also, check out this new line of The Haunted Dollhouse- essential makeup materials from NYX. Use these products and make a TikTok video if you want to get featured on NYX’s TikTok account.


Unleash your artistry and join our ##DollHouseChallenge 🗝 @zainabhassan410

♬ Dollhouse – Melanie Martinez

If you make a great video, it could be you up there on the Tiktok account of NYX Cosmetics.

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