The philosophical theory behind Iamdung

Iamdung is a website that some people might love and might take it as a philosophical website. Dung is regarded as impure to human civilization. Although dung is impure it is not a separatable part of living beings. We talk about divine and purity carrying dung with us, which is regarded as impure of all. So accepting the dung and finding the way to truthful foundation might be the conspiracy theory behind their writing.

Iamdung is active in social media such as TikTok with username iamdung6 and it has 1109 followers. Its Instagram account is named as iamdung6 and has 181 followers. The contents of the accounts are poops and lady using poops for purification. That might sound crazy to you as it sounded to me. We have no idea about what this shit stuff is all about but we can say that the philosophies are cool in their perspective. Contents are disgusting but the approach for publicity seems cool. 


Is iamdung censored website?

Iamdung has not actually censored but some people might find it offended.  It talks about the theory of purification using the shit and connecting to god. It has another perspective of connecting to the divine and some might find it philosophical. Using dung as a source of the foundation of truth and teaching might sound pathetic.

Name Iamdung
Instagram iamdung6
Tiktok iamdung6