What Is Memo Boy Real Name Otto Benson? Everything About The Musician

What Is Memo Boy Real Name Otto Benson? Everything About The Musician

A famous electronic musician Memo Boy’s real name is Otto Benson. Dig here to find his other personal as well as professional details.

Otto Benson is an American musical artist who has numerous listeners on Spotify. 

He is an electronic musician, a pseudonym OTTO whose music and the visual art style is tricky, spirited, and strange.

Currently, we can find ten songs in his Spotify handle, which has numerous listeners.

His musical genre is an alienist analysis of a conventional upbeat offering to the pop world and a start for more to come with an independent dance label.

He plays with house and stupor structures, twisting the rules to create his fairness.

Each track is followed by its satire visualizer, mirroring the energy and disrupting laughable that is OTTO’s music world. He designs much of his artwork and calls it a ‘deep-fried digital art.’

Otto Benson Aka Memo Boy Age: How Old Is He?

Otto Benson, aka Memo Boy’s current age, is yet to be known. 

However, we predict his age in the mid-20s, as he is a college student. Benson is currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, United States, and he holds American nationality. 

There is no exact data regarding his birthday and other birth-related details. He has been interested in the musical field since the young age of 10 and started playing guitar. 

Memo Boy is his nickname from his high school days.

Who Is Otto Benson Girlfriend?

Otto Benson’s girlfriend and relationship details haven’t been revealed- so, we are unknown regarding this matter. 

Not a media page or official source has talked about his dating life.

However, he has always kept his personal life at a low key and out of media contests, and also, he doesn’t often post on his social media handle.

So, we can say he is currently single and focused on his work.

Otto is a musical artist whose music genre is Indietronica, and he loves his work but doesn’t take it too seriously, as he said in a magazine interview.

Find Otto Benson Family Members

Just as with his relationship, Otto Benson hasn’t talked about his family members and parents publicly. 

As said earlier, he doesn’t post much on his social media handle, which will be difficult for any individual to find one personal life data. 

When he was in high school, his parents gifted him a Focusrite recording interface, which came with an Ableton Live Lite license, leading him to demonstrate with more calculated electronic music.

He was fond of music since a young age and used to listen to songs in the back of his parent’s car. 

Meet Otto Benson On Instagram

Otto Benson is dynamic on Instagram as @wnoadiarwb.

He has more than 8.5k adherents on his Instagram handle to date, September 2021. 

It seems he is not active on social media platforms too often. However, his songs are listed on the musical medium, Spotify, and have more than 25k followers. 

Currently, he has uploaded only ten songs, and he is already a verified Spotify user. He has more than 64k monthly listeners on Spotify.