What Is Mi Papa Se Divorcio De Mi Mama Hace Un Ao Tiktok? Viral Video Explained

The viral Mi Papa Se Divorcio De Mi Mama Hace Un Año video shows a man and a woman dancing. The two can make the same dance moves, and various captions pop up on the screen.

These captions are in Spanish. The first one reads as "My dad and mom divorced a year ago." Then it says, "I went to live with him." The final caption, the spicy one that led to the virality of the video, reads as "But the problem is that there was only one bed."

The last caption brings up the idea of the two sharing a single bed. The idea of that is already a bizarre one for the majority of the population.

This, in turn, sparks the idea that the man is his stepfather and the woman is the stepdaughter. The stepdaughter-stepfather relationship is highly stereotyped in adult videos. In fact, the overuse and absurdity of the stepdaughter plotline have led to it being a meme on its own.

This relation thus makes it meme-worthy as the stepfather stepdaughter dynamic is already a highly memed topic.

At the moment, it is unknown how the two individuals are related.

For all we know, it could just be a satirical TikTok made by the two individuals. The video is likely a comedic sketch done by them. If so, the two have succeeded in garnering worldwide attention and views for it.

Moreover, as the original video was deleted, we are unable to verify who they are.

The Mi Papa Se Divorcio De Mi Mama Hace Un Año video is used as clickbait by small YouTubers worldwide. Memes from the video are mostly being shared by Latin-Americans who understand Spanish.

TikTok is full of trends. The trends die as fast as they are created. The Mi Papa Se Divorcio De Mi Mama Hace Un Año video is an example of this.