What Is ”Sorting Hat Filter TikTok? How To Get The Sorting Hat Filter?

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What Is ”Sorting Hat Filter TikTok? How To Get The Sorting Hat Filter?

Sorting Hat is a new phenomenon on TikTok If you want to know whether you are a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or a Ravenclaw, TikTok as a filter for you. This filter is going to be fun if you are a Potter-head and it will make you a Potter-head if you aren’t already one.

When J.K Rowling wrote The Harry Potter series, she had no idea it was going to stick in the pop culture for this long. She definitely had not thought that an application that wasn’t even mad at that time would fuel its craze even more. You never know what is going to be famous and what’s going to last.

Sorting Hat filter is a new filter that decides which Hogwarts house you are a member of. If you have watched The Harry Potter series, you already know what I am talking about. However, if you are one of those rare breeds who have never seen a Harry Potter movie, let me educate you a little bit about that.

Hogwarts School of Wizardy has 4 houses- Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor. On a day when all the new students go to the school, a hat appears and goes on the top of all the students. The hat then thinks for a while and decides which house a student will be in. I am sure it sounds comical but watch it– it’s really cool.

What Is Sorting Hat Filter On TikTok?

Sorting Hat filter is a filter that recreates the magic of being sorted which Hogwarts house do you suit to be a member of. If you have seen the movie, it’s really easy to visualize it but if you haven’t, it’s a bit hard to visualize that.

First of all, in the movies, the hat has magical properties and can sense your inner qualities. Then, depending upon what the hat has picked up, it will assign you to a particular house.

When you use Sorting Ht Filter, the same thing happens. The filter hovers on top of your head for a while and keeps you waiting. Then, it will assign a certain house to you.


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This is a video on TikTok that’s very funny. A person is expecting to be placed in one of the 4 houses and the hat just expels him. But the filter works just like that. It appears to hover above you and say some of your characteristics and then accordingly put you in a house. And, sometimes, it’s just going to expel you.


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How To Use Sorting Hat Filter On Instagram?

Sorting Hat Filter is used extensively on Instagram but it’s not an official Instagram filter. It was made by an independent user but people liked it well and then they have been using it. You can follow these steps if you want to use the Sorting Hat Filter on Instagram:

  1. Go on Instagram and find an account with a username “@-vasilisova“. She is the creator of the filter and you can gain it by visiting on her account.
  2. See her stories and there is a “highlights” section named “Filters”.
  3. Click on “Filters” and look amongst the filters.
  4. You will find “Sorting Hat Filter” and click on that. Doing so will enable you to film a video using that video.
  5. Viola! Now you are done, All you need to do is wait to see which house you are.

How To Get Sorting Hat Filter on TikTok?

Unfortunately, Tiktok doesn’t have this filter. people on Tiktok are uploading different kinds of videos about sorting hats like this:


I don’t know what to believe anymore what house am i😫 ##fyp ##harrypotter ##sortinghat ##shock ##lie

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This is a video about the sorting hat. However, it’s not done by using the sorting hat filter. It’s an actual person putting the filter over the person. There are other kinds of videos on Tiktok where people are using the hashtag “#sortinghat” but it’s not filter based.


I haven’t seen a Ravenclaw one 🦅 ##hp ##harrypotter ##ravenclaw ##hogwarts ##sortinghat ##ravenclawpride

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You can make the video from the Instagram filter, download it, and then upload that video on TikTok.

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