What is the Roro Chan Challenge? Roro Chan 1999 Trend is Storming On Twitter

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What is the Roro Chan Challenge? Roro Chan 1999 Trend is Storming On Twitter

Social media can often be a dark place and teenagers have to be careful at what they praise and follow on social media. There are millions of things to look for on social media. But, not all are good for the teenagers of this generation. It feels good to find new challenges and trends on soil media like TikTok or Twitter every now and then. But when you hear about this trend, Roro Chan challenge on social media, be careful.

Youngsters can asily be affected by harmful trends that go viral on soicla media time and gain. So, you have to be careful whether the challenge you are following is harmful or not. The latest social media trend for teenagers to be aware of is the Roro Chan challenge. Parents are careful, you need to check on whether your children are onto any harmful challenges blindly.

Many of you might be aware of the Blue Whale challenge that shocked the world a few years back. The challenge resulted in the suicide of many teenagers across several countries. This Roro Chan challenge is reminiscent of the Blue Whale Challenge. Find out what actually the Roro Chan challenge is.

What is the Roro Chan Challenge? 

We have already discussed the social media challenges can often be dark and grey. Roro Chan challenge is one latest social media trend that you will not want to get involved in. The trend is spreading like wildfire on social media like Twitter. The challenge is extremely disturbing and dangerous, so better not to engage in it. 

Roro Chan’s challenge is similar to the Blue Whale challenge that asks netizens to take part if self-inflicting injuries or harmful tasks. The challenge is named after a late 14 years old Japanese girl who died by committing suicide back in 2013. Suicide alone such disturbing news, but her death was live-streamed on the web.

This challenge can be harmful and even life-threatening, so be careful before you think of taking part in the challenge. The concern regarding this challenge is rapidly growing on social media like Twitter. Sever Twitter users have asked netizens to say away from this challenge. 

If you have already tried this challenge, you need to stop playing as soon as you can. You can seek help from your parents, relatives, or friends. You can also speak to your friends or close ones about this challenge and ask them to stay away from it.

Roro Chan 1999 Trend is Storming On Twitter

Roro Chan was a Japanese lady who committed suicide in November 2013. Chan was born on January 26, 1999, in her hometown in Japan. She was only 14 years of age when she committed suicide by jumping off her balcony. She committed suicide on 24 November. This incident spread like wildfire in Japan and several media outlets covered this incident on their front page.

There are some videos relates to Roro Chan 1999 on YouTube as well. Check out this YouTube video.

As mentioned, the death of Roro Chan was streamed live on the internet. Some clips from the incident are also shown on the previous youtube video. While many found the clip to be disturbing, many have shown their sympathy towards Chan’s family. 

The latest social media trend ‘Roro Chan challenge’ is inspired by the lat 14-year-old Roro Chan who took her life in November 2013. Before you rush for this challenge, first make sure what kind of challenge it is. It is very crucial to spread awareness among the close ones of such internet bugs. Several TikTok users have asked to boycott this kind of trend.

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