What Is Woodchuck Revolution TikTok? The Woodchuck Song and Lyrics Explained

What Is  Woodchuck Revolution TikTok? The Woodchuck Song and Lyrics Explained

If you’re curious to know What Is Woodchuck Revolution TikTok? Let’s go into the depth of The Woodchuck Song and Lyrics which we will be explaining below.

The woodchuck revolution TikTok is a trending video on TikTok where most TikTokers act our skits related to the fictional history where woodchucks have ruled over the world. Also, the woodchuck song and lyrics have a historical meaning. Don’t you want to know what it is? Just scroll it down to know the detail.

What Is Woodchuck Revolution Tiktok? Meaning Explained 

The Woodchuck Revolution TikTok is a series of videos played on TikTok with a #thewoodchuckchallenge by the TikTokers. The Woodchuck revolution has become a trending video that is not only popular on TikTok but also on YouTube.


Y’all notice the 🪵looks like a heart? Anyways… ##woodchuckchallenge ##lastofourpeople ##humanswillwin ##ruinedcity

♬ original sound – pip

On the 10th of January, @pipterson uploaded a TikTok video explaining the original lyrics of the woodchuck song. It says, you live in a society that was overthrown by woodchucks and you hear their battle song in the distance and know you and the resistance have to fight the final battle for your freedom” 

The Woodchuck Song And Lyrics

The woodchuck song and lyrics were released by Aron Chupa and Little sis Nora along with a music video on YouTube on July 17, 2020. Surprisingly, the song has been viewed over 9.4 million views times by the viewers and 186,000 likes so far.

The Lyrics of the woodchuck song was too long. Many people love the song. That’s why this song is on-trend these days.

What Are Woodchuck Invasion Memes?

There are so many woodchuck invasion memes on TikTok. Mainly, Tiktokers are getting an advantage of the woodchuck song. You won’t believe the first TikToker named @haydenzych has made a video on woodchuck’s song. It has 375.6k likes. Just like him, many TikTokers are getting viral on TikTok.

Besides this, Reddit is also raising questions about Woodchuck invasion memes. 

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