What Is Wrong With Curler Jennifer Jones Eye? Eyes Surgery Details

Curler Jennifer Jones allegedly suffered a black eye during the finals of the 1994 Canadian juniors.

She bumped her head after tripping over her feet due to a black eye.

Speaking to CBC, Jennifer Jones, aged 47, said she has a sore eye after the bump.

Jones was revealed to have a severe and the most disturbing headache of her life.

Information in regards to her eye surgery is obscure thus far on the web.

Get To Know Jennifer Jones Family 

Discoursing Jennifer Jones's family, it is comprised of her husband, two children and herself.

We'd like you to know that Jennifer's parents were also Curlers.

Her parents, reportedly Larry and Carol Jones, were professional Curlers at their times.

Jennifer Jones's husband, Brent Laing, also pursues his career in Curling as similar to her.

Brent Laing is a Canadian professional Curler originally from Meaford, Canada.

The Curler couple shares two adorable daughters from their togetherness.

Isabella, the firstborn, was reportedly born prematurely on November 13, 2012.

Whereas their second daughter Wil Friesen-Laing was born on August 18, 2016.

The brief bio of Canadian Curler Jennifer Jones is all over the place on the internet.

Now and then, she is highlighted in sports articles published by several news outlets.

On top of that, Jennifer Jones is already flaunted on the most famous media platform Wikipedia.

Furthermore, the Canadian Curler has an 18 months elder sister named Heather Jones.

Jennifer Jones Net Worth Explored. 

The mother of two, Jennifer Jones, is assessed to have a net worth of at least $5 million.

Although, the precise figures of her fortune is yet to be published by reliable sources.

Jennifer Jones is an experienced curler with over 20 highly appreciated awards to her name.

Provided the fact, we can assume her economy to be in massive numbers.

Follow Jennifer Jones On Twitter

Jennifer Jones is religiously active on Twitter which runs under the username jjonescurl.

Besides it, the Curler is dynamic across several social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook.

That being said, Jennifer Jones is most successful on Twitter in regards to followers count.

Her official account to this very day has accumulated over 24k followers on the stage.

Correspondingly, Jones's Instagram account boasts over 3.5 devotees thus far.

The Canadian Olympian is verified on both of the platforms with a blue badge.