10 Facts About Linda Lee Cadwell

  1. Linda Lee Cadwell (born in March 21, 1945) is an American writer and production house manager. She is also a martial artist.
  2. She was married to Bruce Lee in the year 1964. Linda lost her loving husband in 1973 after 9 years of married life.
  3. Moving on, her age is 75 years old. Also, her Zodiac sign is Aries.
  4. She first met Bruce during his struggling days. Moreover, they studied at the same University in America.
  5. Linda studied in the University of Washington. Bruce had just moved from Hong Kong for studies and his acting career.
  6. They had a thing in common which was the love of Martial art. Linda was a professional martial artist.
  7. They probably fell in love after knowing one another well. Linda supported her husband a lot in growing his career.
  8. The couple share two kids Brandon Lee and Shannon Lee. Brandon Lee died in the year 1993 in the shooting of the movie 'The Crow'.
  9. Linda is currently married to Bruce Cadwell. The couple doesn't share any kids together.
  10. Lastly, her production team is working to recreate Bruce's last movie The Game of Death.