Where Is Fanny Lafon Now?

Fanny Lafon’s current whereabouts is unknown.

As she has deleted her social media handles and stays out of the limelight, not much can be said about her life. In fact, she has not made any comments regarding the sext tape blackmail case too.

In 2015, the allegations against Karim Benzema were made. The allegations stated that he was involved in blackmailing Mathieu Valbuena with a sex tape. In fact, Benzema was arrested on November 4, 2015, for the accusations against him.

As the investigation for the case was on, no conclusion had been made. However, on November 24, 2021, Karim was found guilty of involvement in the blackmailing scandal. He has been given a one-year suspended jail term.

Likewise, Benzema has also been ordered to pay a fine of $84,000.

Mathieu Valbuena Wife and Family Facts

Mathieu Valbuena and his wife Fanny Lafon have a daughter together. Her name is Lea Valbuena. Prior to getting married, the couple surely dated for some time. Fanny is extremely supportive of her husband’s career, as she has always been there for him. In fact, she has supported Mathieu in his ‘dark times.’

Having known each other since 2009, the couple is surely compatible. Since they live a low-key life, not much can be said about them.  We will have to wait for them to talk about their relationship.

Moving on, Mathieu Valbuena was born to parents Brigitte and Carlos in Bruges, France. His parents are currently based in Blanquefort, the place Mathieu was raised.

The French footballer is of Spanish heritage as his father is from Valladolid. Talking about his father, he works in the city council of Bordeaux.

While Mathieu was traveling to Blanquefort to celebrate Christmas with his parents, he got into an accident. He lost control of his car while driving. Fortunately, he was not injured.