Where Is Gabby Petito Missing? Is She Found? Reddit, Instagram & Facebook – Update

Where Is Gabby Petito Missing? Is She Found? Reddit, Instagram & Facebook – Update

Where is Gabby Petito Missing? She was last officially heard by her mother in later August. Continue reading to know some facts below.

Gabby is a missing female who is reported to reside in North Port, Florida. Reportedly, she went missing after the outing with her boyfriend, Brain Laundrie.

After the missing, individuals about Gabby are broadly investigated. In fact, the young girl’s last whereabouts and other potential subtleties are explored.

Through the assemblage of the snippets of data last heard about her, we’ve created an article. Here in the article, we’ve created brief yet comprehensive facts in regards to your queries.

Where Is Gabby Petito Missing? Is She Found?

Gabby Petito is missing after being in a Ford White transit van traveling north with her boyfriend, Brain Laundrie.

She is a 22-year-old young girl with tallness of 5 feet 5 inches from Florida.

Talking about her appearance, Gabby is a blonde with beautiful blue eyes.

To this day, unfortunately, Gabby Petito isn’t found by anyone, nor is any hint accessible.

According to her’s mother, Nichole Schmidt, she last heard Gabby officially on August 25. She received texts from Petito; however, she couldn’t confirm if it was Petito herself. 

Nichole reported her daughter missing on the 11th of September after not being able to contact her.

The 22-year-old and her boyfriend Brian last posted their road trip on their YouTube channel on August 19. Apparently, the couple started their road trip in early July of 2021.

Reportedly, they were driving a 2012 white Ford Van, which they turned into a camper.

Gabby’s last known location was Grand Tetons, Wyoming, heading to Yellowstone, stated by her mother. As claimed by Petito’s father, Joseph Petito, she checked out of a hotel with her boyfriend in Salt Lake City,

The most disturbing part of the entire incident is that her boyfriend Brian is back without her. In fact, upon arrival, he retained a lawyer and, at the moment, is uncooperative.

Gabby Petito Reddit 

Several Reddit posts are trending over the public domain about Petito’s disappearance.

Gabby was reported to be somewhere in the area of Grand Teton heading for Yellowstone. Several users of the platform suspect the boyfriend for the participation in the missing.

However, it is yet to be substantiated by the police officials.

Gabby Instagram And Facebook Update

Gabby last updated her Instagram feed on the 26th of August.

Since then, she hasn’t updated anywhere across any social platforms. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of her accounts don’t reference any idea where she is now.